Jaguar X300 XJ6 & XJ12 Range 1995 Model Year Technical Introduction PDF

Jaguar X300 XJ6 & XJ12 Range 1995 Model Year Technical Introduction PDF

Original Jaguar XJ 6& XJ12 Range 1995 Model Year Technical Introduction PDF
Publication Part No. JJM 10 15 12/50
August 1994

This Technical Guide is produced as an outline description of the XJ Sedan 1995 Model Year programme changes, for Jaguar Dealer workshop personnel.

It is intended to complement updates to the Service Manual. By providing the information as a cohesive package, developments can be seen in isolation, in contrast with their dispersed nature in the Service Manual. Where a feature is restricted to certain countries, it is identified as such in the text. Major changes are described, but no attempt is made to cover every technical detail.

The information contained in this publication should be considered as preliminary information and is accurate at the time of printing. The right is reserved to make changes at any time without notice.

The information given in this Technical Guide will not be updated. Until the release of the Technical Guide for the next Model Year programme, information on changes to the XJ Sedan range can be obtained from Service Bulletins and revisions to the Service Manual.


Body Structure Exterior Trim Interior Trim Trunk
Engine Compartment
AJ16 Engine
Engine Specifications Engine – Mechanical Engine Supercharger Engine Ancillaries Exhaust Gas Recirculation System (North American NA Models Only)
Engine Cooling System Engine Management
V12 Engine
Engine Mechanical Engine Ancillaries Engine Cooling System Engine Management
Transmission – Mechanical Driveshaft (Propshaft)
Final Drive Unit
AJ16 – Transmission Management
6.0 Litre and Supercharged 4.0 Litre -Transmission Management
Fuel System
Fuel Delivery System Evaporative Loss Control System
Exhaust System
3.2 and 4.0 Litre Models
6.0 Litre Models
Front Suspension Rear Suspension Wheels and Tires Steering System Foundation Brakes
Anti-lock Braking System and Traction Control
Climate Control
Climate Control System
Power Distribution
Security System
In-car Entertainment
Cellular Telephone
Instrument Pack
Exterior Lighting
Interior Lighting
Programmable Electronic Control Units
Occupant Protection
Occupant Restraints
Supplementary Restraint Air Bag System
On-board Diagnostics

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