Wurth Online the World. WOW! 4.15.2 + 5.00.8

Wurth Online the World. WOW! 4.15.2 + 5.00.8 — Multibranded information base on repair and diagnostics of cars.

Software of WOW! it is multibranded base on repair and service as foreign cars and domestic cars. In base there are repair manuals, diagnostics, the electroschemes, norm hours, a raspinovka of electronic blocks (PINDATA) given for adjustment of disorder convergence, installation of belts and chains of GRM, to repair of conditioners, safety cushions, AVS and many other knots of the car. Besides, WOW! in the presence of the WOW diagnostic unit! Snooper allows to carry out diagnostics of electronic systems of the wide list of brands of cars and easy commercial transport.

Year/date of issue: 2014
Version: 4.15.2 & 5.00.8
System requirements: Pentium IV processor of 1.5 GHz and above; random access memory not less than 256 MB; hard drive not less than 10 Gb; DVD-ROM; USB port.
Size: Wow 4.15.2 (4.58 Gb), Wow 5.00.8 (2.05 Gb)
Free download Wurth Online the World. WOW! 4.15.2 + 5.00.8
Wow 4.15.2 –  http://dfiles.ru/files/261liymc4
Wow 5.00.8 – http://dfiles.ru/files/86r5psv24