VW Digifant I, II Service Repair Manual PDF

VW Digifant I, II Service Repair Manual PDF Free Download


System Components/Operation
System Description
Electronic Control Unit (E.C.U.)
Coolant Temperature Sensor
Fuel Pump
Air Flow Sensor
Intake Air Temperature Sensor
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Fuel Injectors
Throttle Switch
Fuel Filters
Oxygen Sensor
Ignition System
Idle Stabilization
Crankcase Emission Control/Vent-Line Heating Element
Evaporative Emission System

Throttle Valve
Throttle Switch (Adjusting)
Throttle Switch (Wiring And E.C.U. Check)
Coolant Temperature Sensor
Air Flow Sensor/lntake Air Temperature Sensor
Fuel Injectors (Spray Pattern, Quantity)
Fuel Injectors (Leak Checking, Wiring Test)
Deceleration Fuel Cut-Off
Full Throttle Enrichment
Oxygen Sensor System
Fuel Pump (Pressure, Volume Test, Current Draw)
Fuel Pump (Electrical)
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Residual Fuel Pressure
Ignition System
Idle Stabilization System
Evaporative Emission System

Basic Engine Adjustments
Ignition Timing, Idle Speed, CO Content

System Check With Volt/Ohmmeter
System Test Chart
Functioning Wiring Diagram
Special Tools Required
Glossary/Component Location

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