Volkswagen Vanagon Official Factory Repair Manual 1980-1991

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Volkswagen Vanagon Official Factory Repair Manual 1980-1991 Including Diesel Syncro and Camper

Engines covered

  • 1.6L diesel (engine code: CS)
  • 1.9L water-cooled Digijet (engine code: DH)
  • 2.0L air-cooled (engine code: CV)
  • 2.1L water-cooled Digifant (engine code: MV)

Transmissions covered

  • 090 3-speed automatic (rear wheel drive)
  • 091 4-speed manual (rear wheel drive)
  • 094 5-speed manual (rear wheel drive)
  • 094-4WD 5-speed manual Syncro (four wheel drive)


Service to Volkswagen owners is a top priority of Volkswagen organization and has always included the continuing development and introduction of new and expanded services. In line with this purpose, Volkswagen United States, Inc. has introduced this Volkswagen Official Factory Repair Manual.

This Vanagon manual covers the model years 1980 through 1991 including Air-cooled and Water-cooled Gasoline Engines, Diesel Engine, Syncro and Camper. This manual was specifically written to cover U.S. and Canada models only.

For the Volkswagen owner with basic mechanical skills and for independent garages, this manual gives all the specifications and procedures that were available in an authorized Volkswagen service department as this manual went to press. In addition, the Volkswagen owner who has no intention of working on his or her vehicle may find that reading and owning this manual will make it possible to be better informed and to discuss repairs more intelligently with a professional automotive technician.

This manual has been prepared from the repair information that the Volkswagen organization provides to its own factory-trained technicians and has been developed primarily with the professional automotive technician in mind. The aim throughout has been clarity and completeness with step-by-step procedures and accurate specifications.

The Volkswagen owner intending to do maintenance and repair should have a set of metric wrenches and sockets, a torque wrench, screwdrivers, and feeler gauges, since these basic hand tools will be used for a majority of the repairs described in this manual. Usually, the text will note when a repair requires special tools…


  • Fundamental automotive concepts, with simple explanations of basic troubleshooting, effective workshop practices and tools.
  • Complete tune-up specifications for all models covered – including those with air-cooled, water-cooled and diesel engines.
  • Engine and cylinder head service, including complete tear down and rebuilding procedures.
  • Removal, installation and testing of fuel injection system components.
  • Exhaust system component replacement, including Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system.
  • Drivetrain maintenance, troubleshooting, adjustment and repair, for manual, automatic and Syncro (4WD) transmissions.
  • Suspension component replacement, including front struts, rear shocks, springs, front stabilizer bar and alignment procedures and specifications.
  • Heating and air conditioning component replacement, including heater booster (gas heater).
  • Body adjustment and repairs, including front door components, sunroof, bumpers, Westfalia camper equipment and pick-up truck tarpaulin.
  • Troubleshooting, replacing or repairing electrical system components with all the available wiring diagrams from the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Plus the comprehensive tolerances, wear limits, adjustments and tightening torque specifications that you’ve come to expect from manuals.

Volkswagen Vanagon Official Factory Repair Manual 1980-1991 PDF1

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Free download Volkswagen Vanagon Official Factory Repair Manual 1980-1991 PDF