Volkswagen Jetta 2005, Golf Variant 2007, Golf Variant 2010 – Maintenance Procedures

Volkswagen Jetta 2005, Golf Variant 2007, Golf Variant 2010 - Maintenance Procedures PDF

Volkswagen Jetta 2005, Golf Variant 2007, Golf Variant 2010 – Maintenance Procedures (Edition 07.2013 – D3E802E4F49) PDF Free Download.


Maintenance, Diagnosis

  • General Information
  • Engine Overview
  • Tow Starting and Towing
  • Lifting Vehicle On a Hoist or Workshop Hoist
  • Labels
  • Customer Maintenance Booklet Entries
  • Vehicle Diagnostic Tester, Connecting
  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • Vehicle Data Label
  • Severe Operating Conditions
  • Engine Code and Engine Identification
  • Type Plate
  • Countries with High Air Dust Levels
  • RME Biodiesel, Vehicles through 05.2006
  • Fixed Service
  • Service Tables
  • Glossary
  • Maintenance Procedures
  • Removable Trailer Hitch Checking and Cleaning
  • Ball Joint and Axle Bearing, Checking
  • Automatic Headlamp Control and Static Cornering Lamp, Checking Functionality
  • Automatic Transmission, 09G Transmission, Changing ATF
  • Battery Terminals, Checking for Secure Seating
  • Battery, Checking with the Battery Tester VAS 6161
  • Battery Level, Reading – Send Diagnostic Protocol Online
  • Tires, Tire condition, Wear Pattern, Inflation Pressure and Tread Depth
  • Brake and Clutch System, Brake Fluid, Changing
  • Brake System and Shock Absorber, Checking for Leaks and Damage
  • Brake Fluid Level, Checking
  • 6-Speed DSG transmission 02E, Changing Transmission Fluid and Filter
  • Brake Pad Thickness and Front and Rear Brake Rotor Condition, Checking
  • Diesel Fuel Filter, Replacing
  • Diesel Particulate Filter, Checking
  • Power Windows, Checking
  • Hood, Lubricating Hook Golf Wagon from MY 2007, Golf Wagon from MY 2010, Jetta from MY 2005
  • Protective Joint Boots, Visual Inspection
  • Engine Cover Rubber Buffer, Removing and Installing
  • Haldex Clutch, Changing Oil
  • Hybrid Components, Checking for Damage to High Voltage Components and Cables
  • Inner and Outer Body, Checking for Corrosion on Open Doors and Lids
  • Ribbed Belt, Tension, Adjusting, Engines without Automatic Tensioner
  • Ribbed Belt, Checking
  • Instrument Panel Insert, Adapting language of menus
  • Compass, Setting Compass Zone and Calibrating Compass
  • Coolant System, Check freeze protection and coolant level
  • Air Filter, Cleaning Housing and Removing and Installing Filter
  • Memory Seat, Initializing
  • Engine and Engine Compartment Components, Checking for Leaks and Damage From Top to Bottom
  • Upper Engine Cover, Removing and Installing
  • Lower Engine Compartment Cover, Removing and Installing
  • Engine Oil Level, Checking
  • Engine Oil, Draining or Extracting and Filling, Replacing Oil Filter
  • Break-Down Kit, Checking
  • Panorama Sunroof, Checking Function, Cleaning and Lubricating Guide Rails and Cleaning Wind Deflector
  • Road Test
  • Wheel Bolts, Tightening to Tightening Specification
  • Radio Code, Checking with Vehicle Diagnostic Tester
  • Radio and Radio Navigation System, Enter the PIN for the Anti-Theft Code and Assign Some Local Radio Stations to the Station Buttons
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring Display, Perform the basic setting
  • Tire Pressure Sensor, Removing and Installing
  • Windshield Wiper and Washer System and Headlamp Washer System, Checking Functionality
  • Windshield Wiper Blades, Checking End Position
  • Windshield Wiper Protectors, Removing
  • Headlamps, Halogen Headlamps and Fog Lamps, Checking and Adjusting
  • Headlamps, Headlamps, Check HID Headlamps and Aim if Necessary
  • Sunroof Water Drains, Check for Clearance and Clean if Necessary
  • Service Interval Display, Resetting and Coding
  • Sunroof, Checking Functionality, Cleaning and Lubricating Guide Rails
  • Tie Rod Ends, Checking Play, Security and Joint Boots
  • Parking Heater: Setting Week Day in Instrument Cluster Menu
  • Dust and Pollen Filter, Cleaning Housing and Removing and Installing Filter
  • Transportation Mode, Switching Off
  • Transport Protection, Remove the Locking Pieces from the Front Axle Struts
  • Door Arrester, Lubricating
  • Clock and Date, Setting
  • Underbody, Underbody Components, Checking for damage
  • Toothed Belt and Tensioner, Replacing (TDI engines)
  • Camshaft Drive Toothed Belt, Checking, TDI
  • Camshaft Drive Toothed Belt, Replacing (2.0L FSI and TFSI)
  • Camshaft Drive Toothed Belt, 4-Cylinder Gasoline Engines without Change Interval, Checking
  • Coolant Pump Toothed Belt, Checking
  • Spark Plugs, Replacing
  • DTC Memories, Checking with Vehicle Diagnostic Tester and Correcting Faults According to Repair Procedure
  • Revision History

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