VW Engine 2.0 Litre 16V ABF Repair Manual

Volkswagen Engine 2.0 Litre 16V ABF Repair Manual PDF


Engine unit: removal and refitting: 2.0L 16 V engine

  • Engine unit assembly. Removal and refitting
  • Rubber-metal bushing. Removal and refitting

Crankshaft assembly: 2.0L 16 V engine

  • Engine: Exploded view
  • Engine: Exploded view
  • Engine: Exploded view
  • Timing belt drive. Removal and refitting
  • Timing belt. Tightening
  • Poly-V belt. Removal and refitting
  • Cylinder block, seals and engine flywheel: Exploded view
  • Crankshaft seal, flywheel side. Replacement
  • Crankshaft assembly: Exploded view
  • Crankshaft seal, timing side. Replacement
  • Intermediate shaft seal. Replacement
  • Intermediate shaft. Removal and fitting
  • Crankshaft. Measurements
  • Crankshaft bearing cap fitting and tightening
  • Crankshaft radial play. Checking
  • Crankshaft axial play. Checking
  • Axial half bearings. Fitting
  • Pistons and piston pins: Exploded view
  • Connecting rod, gugeon pin and piston assembly. Removal, checking and fitting
  • Compression ratio

Cylinder head: valve operation. 2.0L 16 V engine

  • Cylinder head: Exploded view
  • Cylinder head. Removal and replacement. (On the vehicle)
  • Valve operation: Exploded view
  • Camshaft oil seal. Replacement. (Cylinder head fitted to the vehicle)
  • Distributor shafts. Removal and refitting
  • Hydraulic tappets. Checking, removal and refitting
  • Cylinder head. Removal and refitting
  • Valves. Checking and dimensions
  • Valve seats
  • Valve guide seal. Replacement
  • Valve guides

Lubrication: 2.0L 16 V engine

  • Lubrication system: Exploded view
  • Lubrication system: Exploded view
  • Engine oil specifications
  • Oil pump. Removal and fitting
  • Backlash. Checking
  • Axial play. Checking
  • Oil pump drive shaft bushings. Replacement
  • Oil cooler. Replacement
  • Oil pressure switch. Checking
  • Engine oil pressure. Checking
  • Oil filter. Replacement
  • Oil-pressure gauge. Checking

Cooling: 2.0L 16 V engine

  • Cooling system: Exploded view
  • Cooling system: Exploded view
  • Cooling liquid pump: Exploded view
  • Coolant. Draining and refilling
  • Coolant pump. Removal and fitting
  • Cooling system. Water-tightness test
  • Expansion tank cap. Checking
  • Thermostat. Checking
  • Fan control thermo-switch. Checking
  • Electric fan 3rd speed thermal control switch. Checking
  • Radiator-fan assembly. Removal and fitting
  • Indications to be taken into account when working on the cooling circuit
  • Cleaning of circuit and coolant replacement in case of mixture

Fuel feed: 2.0L 16 V engine

  • Fuel feed system: Exploded view
  • Fuel feed system: Exploded view
  • Cleaning and safety precautions
  • Fuel tank. Removal and fitting
  • Fuel level sender unit and fuel pump. Removal and refitting
  • Fuel filter. Replacement
  • Ventilation valve. Checking
  • Gravity valve. Checking
  • Fuel pump
  • Fuel pump non-return valve. Checking
  • Accelerator cable adjustment
  • Accelerator pedal. Removal and refitting
  • Activated carbon tank system: Exploded
  • Bleeding the fuel system. Checking

Fuel preparation: 2.0L 16 V engine

  • Digifant 2.0 116 V injection installation. Location of components ..
  • Digifant 2.0 116 V injection system: Disassembly
  • Upper part of inlet manifold: Disassembly
  • Fuel distributor: Exploded view
  • Air filter and case: Exploded view
  • Safety precautions to be taken into account when handling the injection and ignition system
  • Rules for cleaning
  • Important considerations regarding the injection system
  • Carry out basic adjustment
  • Checking the No. 1 cylinder identification transmitter/Hall transmitter
  • Checking the lambda probe and adjustment
  • Check lambda probe heating
  • Testing the engine load states
  • Checking the throttle valve potentiometer
  • Checking the coolant liquid temperature transmitter
  • Checking the inlet air temperature transmitter
  • Checking the engine speed transmitter
  • Replace the engine revolutions transmitter
  • Checking the engine speed transmitter
  • Checking the inlet manifold pressure transmitter
  • Checking the idling switch
  • Checking the injection control unit power supply
  • Check the signal of the starter engine
  • Adaptation of the immobilizer system to the engine control unit
  • Check the fuel pressure regulator and the retention pressure
  • Fuel distributor with injectors
  • Inlet system. Checking for leaks
  • Summary table of display groups in function 08. “Read measurement values block”
  • Autodiagnosis with the fault detector VAG 1551
  • Pinking sensors
  • Fault-finding table using the VAG 1551
  • Checking the injection system with the VAG 1598/18
  • Fault table for fault detector VAG 1598/18

Exhaust system: 2.0L 16 V engine

  • Exhaust system: 2.0 116 V Digifant engine. Exploded view
  • Final exhaust stage: Replacement
  • Indications for tightening exhaust pipe to inlet

Ignition system: 2.0L 16 V engine

  • Digifant 2.0 116 V ignition system: Exploded view
  • Ignition distributor: Exploded view.
  • Safety measures regarding the Digifant injection and ignition system
  • Spark plug adjustment data
  • Ignition distributor rotor. Replacement
  • Ignition timing. Checking
  • Ignition timing adjustment checking
  • Checking the Hall pulse generator
  • Checking the ignition transformer
  • Checking the ignition transformer final stage

List of tools: 2.0 Litre 16 V engine

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