Volkswagen Engine 2.0 Litre 16V ABF Repair Manual

Volkswagen Engine 2.0 Litre 16V ABF Repair Manual PDF

Volkswagen Engine 2.0 Litre 16V ABF Repair Manual PDF Free Download.


Characteristics and data
Tightening torque

Engine unit: removal and refitting: 2.0L 16 V engine

  • Engine unit assembly. Removal and refitting
  • Rubber-metal bushing. Removal and refitting

Crankshaft assembly: 2.0L 16 V engine

  • Engine: Exploded view
  • Engine: Exploded view
  • Engine: Exploded view
  • Timing belt drive. Removal and refitting
  • Timing belt. Tightening
  • Poly-V belt. Removal and refitting
  • Cylinder block, seals and engine flywheel: Exploded view
  • Crankshaft seal, flywheel side. Replacement
  • Crankshaft assembly: Exploded view
  • Crankshaft seal, timing side. Replacement
  • Intermediate shaft seal. Replacement
  • Intermediate shaft. Removal and fitting
  • Crankshaft. Measurements
  • Crankshaft bearing cap fitting and tightening
  • Crankshaft radial play. Checking
  • Crankshaft axial play. Checking
  • Axial half bearings. Fitting
  • Pistons and piston pins: Exploded view
  • Connecting rod, gugeon pin and piston assembly. Removal, checking and fitting
  • Compression ratio

Cylinder head: valve operation. 2.0L 16 V engine

  • Cylinder head: Exploded view
  • Cylinder head. Removal and replacement. (On the vehicle)
  • Valve operation: Exploded view
  • Camshaft oil seal. Replacement. (Cylinder head fitted to the vehicle)
  • Distributor shafts. Removal and refitting
  • Hydraulic tappets. Checking, removal and refitting
  • Cylinder head. Removal and refitting
  • Valves. Checking and dimensions
  • Valve seats
  • Valve guide seal. Replacement
  • Valve guides

Lubrication: 2.0L 16 V engine

  • Lubrication system: Exploded view
  • Lubrication system: Exploded view
  • Engine oil specifications
  • Oil pump. Removal and fitting
  • Backlash. Checking
  • Axial play. Checking
  • Oil pump drive shaft bushings. Replacement
  • Oil cooler. Replacement
  • Oil pressure switch. Checking
  • Engine oil pressure. Checking
  • Oil filter. Replacement
  • Oil-pressure gauge. Checking

Cooling: 2.0L 16 V engine

  • Cooling system: Exploded view
  • Cooling system: Exploded view
  • Cooling liquid pump: Exploded view
  • Coolant. Draining and refilling
  • Coolant pump. Removal and fitting
  • Cooling system. Water-tightness test
  • Expansion tank cap. Checking
  • Thermostat. Checking
  • Fan control thermo-switch. Checking
  • Electric fan 3rd speed thermal control switch. Checking
  • Radiator-fan assembly. Removal and fitting
  • Indications to be taken into account when working on the cooling circuit
  • Cleaning of circuit and coolant replacement in case of mixture

Fuel feed: 2.0L 16 V engine

  • Fuel feed system: Exploded view
  • Fuel feed system: Exploded view
  • Cleaning and safety precautions
  • Fuel tank. Removal and fitting
  • Fuel level sender unit and fuel pump. Removal and refitting
  • Fuel filter. Replacement
  • Ventilation valve. Checking
  • Gravity valve. Checking
  • Fuel pump
  • Fuel pump non-return valve. Checking
  • Accelerator cable adjustment
  • Accelerator pedal. Removal and refitting
  • Activated carbon tank system: Exploded
  • Bleeding the fuel system. Checking

Fuel preparation: 2.0L 16 V engine

  • Digifant 2.0 116 V injection installation. Location of components ..
  • Digifant 2.0 116 V injection system: Disassembly
  • Upper part of inlet manifold: Disassembly
  • Fuel distributor: Exploded view
  • Air filter and case: Exploded view
  • Safety precautions to be taken into account when handling the injection and ignition system
  • Rules for cleaning
  • Important considerations regarding the injection system
  • Carry out basic adjustment
  • Checking the No. 1 cylinder identification transmitter/Hall transmitter
  • Checking the lambda probe and adjustment
  • Check lambda probe heating
  • Testing the engine load states
  • Checking the throttle valve potentiometer
  • Checking the coolant liquid temperature transmitter
  • Checking the inlet air temperature transmitter
  • Checking the engine speed transmitter
  • Replace the engine revolutions transmitter
  • Checking the engine speed transmitter
  • Checking the inlet manifold pressure transmitter
  • Checking the idling switch
  • Checking the injection control unit power supply
  • Check the signal of the starter engine
  • Adaptation of the immobilizer system to the engine control unit
  • Check the fuel pressure regulator and the retention pressure
  • Fuel distributor with injectors
  • Inlet system. Checking for leaks
  • Summary table of display groups in function 08. “Read measurement values block”
  • Autodiagnosis with the fault detector VAG 1551
  • Pinking sensors
  • Fault-finding table using the VAG 1551
  • Checking the injection system with the VAG 1598/18
  • Fault table for fault detector VAG 1598/18

Exhaust system: 2.0L 16 V engine

  • Exhaust system: 2.0 116 V Digifant engine. Exploded view
  • Final exhaust stage: Replacement
  • Indications for tightening exhaust pipe to inlet

Ignition system: 2.0L 16 V engine

  • Digifant 2.0 116 V ignition system: Exploded view
  • Ignition distributor: Exploded view.
  • Safety measures regarding the Digifant injection and ignition system
  • Spark plug adjustment data
  • Ignition distributor rotor. Replacement
  • Ignition timing. Checking
  • Ignition timing adjustment checking
  • Checking the Hall pulse generator
  • Checking the ignition transformer
  • Checking the ignition transformer final stage

List of tools: 2.0 Litre 16 V engine
List of equipment: 2.0 Litre 16 V engine

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