Toyota A540E Transmission Repair Manual

Toyota A540E Transmission Repair Manual PDF

Toyota A540E Transmission Repair Manual. The A540E is a 4-speed, Electronic Controlled Transaxle (hereafter called ECT) developed exclusively for use with a transversely-mounted engine. A lock-up is built into the torque converter. The A540E transaxle is mainly composed of the torque converter, the 4-speed planetary gear unit, the differential, the hydraulic control system and the electronic control system.

The A540H automatic transaxle design is based on the A540E automatic transaxle and equipped with a center differential and transfer. This transaxle has the same hydraulic multiplate clutch in the center differential limiting control mechanism as the A241H automatic transaxle on the Corolla All-Trac/4WD Station Wagon. The fluid pressure acting on the hydraulic multiplate clutch of the A540H is controlled by the ECT ECU (Electronic Control Unit) according to the vehicle driving conditions. As a result, torque is distributed to the front and rear wheels appropriately at all times to maximize the overall performance of the 4WD vehicle.

NOTICE: Special handling methods are necessary for full-time 4WD vehicles during inspection and maintenance. Instructions concerning these handling methods are given on Camry Repair Manual (Pub. No. RM199U) on page IN-8.


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