Toyota 4A-F, 4A-GE Engine Repair Manual

Toyota 4A-F, 4A-GE Engine Repair Manual scr1

Toyota 4A-F, 4A-GE engine service and maintenance manual for Toyota engine. May, 1987 edition; applicable to second-generation 4A-GE engine produced from 1987-1989.

Fifth Generation “Black Top”

The fifth-generation 4A-GE engine produced from 1995 to 2000 is the final version of the 4A-GE engine and has black cam covers. It uses Toyota Variable Valve Timing (VVT) system on the intake cam. This engine is commonly known as the “black top” due to the color of the valve cover, and yet again features an even higher compression ratio (11:1). The air flow sensor is replaced with a MAP sensor, the diameter of the four individual throttle bodies was increased from 43 mm to 45 mm, the exhaust port diameter was increased, the intake cam lift was increased from 7.9 mm to 8.2 mm and the intake ports were significantly improved in shape, contour and also the width at opening at the head was increased. Additionally, the black top had a lighter flywheel, a larger plenum, lighter connecting rods and revised rubber velocity stacks, and was also offered in 1997 with a six-speed C160 transaxle. This revision increased the power to 165 PS (121 kW) at 7,800 rpm with 16.5 kg·m (162 N·m) of torque at 5,600 rpm. The ‘Blacktop’ has become a favorite among enthusiasts and is used as an easy power upgrade for the early Toyota Corolla models, especially for use in the drift scene. Due to the relatively high state of tuning of the stock engine, most power/torque gains come from higher lift cams and engine management.


  • AE111 Corolla Levin coupe 1995–2000 (Japan only)
  • AE111 Sprinter Trueno coupe 1995–2000 (Japan only)
  • AE101 Corolla Ceres hardtop 1995–1998 (Japan only)
  • AE101 Sprinter Marino hardtop 1995–1998 (Japan only)
  • AE101G Corolla BZ touring wagon 1995–1999 (Japan)
  • AE111 Corolla 1995–2000 (Japan only)
  • AE111 Sprinter 1995–1999 (Japan only)
  • AE111 Sprinter Carib 1997–2000 (Japan only)
  • AE111 Corolla RSi and RXi 1997–2002 (South Africa)
  • AT210 Carina 1996-2001 (Japan only)


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