RM134E – Toyota 3F-E Engine Repair Manual Supplement

The 3F was introduced in 1985, but did not become available in the United States until 1988. Differences from the 2F engine include a modified cylinder head to reduce warping and separation from inlet and exhaust manifolds, the introduction of electronic fuel injection (EFI) in some markets, a vastly improved emissions system, and a smaller displacement resulting from a shorter piston stroke. The displacement decreased from 4.2 liters to 4 liters, but the engine power increased by 15 kW (20 hp) and torque increased by 14 N·m (10 lb·ft). As a result of these changes to the engine design the redline was increased, allowing a wider powerband which made this engine far more suitable for on-road travel.

In 1992, the F series engines, after almost 45 years, finally ceased production. In 1993, the F series was replaced by the dual overhead cam (DOHC) 1FZ-FE engine.

Due to the low rpm design and cast iron construction of these engines, it is not uncommon to see them reach over 480,000 km (300,000 miles) before needing a major overhaul.

This supplement has been prepared to provide information covering general service repairs for the 3F-E engine equipped on the TOYOTA LAND CRUISER.

Application models: FJ62 series


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