Toyota 1C 2C 2C-T Engine Repair Manual


The Toyota C engine family was a series of inline-4 diesel engines. There were two earlier generations of an engine Toyota named as the “Type C”. The first generation was introduced in 1940 as a modification of the Type A engine. This first “Type C” was installed in the Toyota AE. The second generation was the first diesel engine at 1500cc used in the CS20 series 1959 Toyota Crown in October 1959. Japanese market vehicles with diesel engines were exclusive to Toyota Japan dealerships called Toyota Diesel Store locations from 1979 until the dealership was cancelled in 1988.

1C Applications:

  • CA60/67 Carina 1982-1988
  • CE70/71/72 Corolla 1982-1987
  • CE80 Corolla 1983-1987
  • CE90/96/97 Corolla 1987-1992
  • CT140/147 Corona 1982-1987
  • CM20/25 LiteAce / TownAce 1982-1986
  • CM35 LiteAce 1985-1988 (Japan only)
  • CM50 LiteAce / TownAce 1986-1989 (Japan only)
  • CR26 LiteAce / TownAce 1982-1988 (Japan only)
  • CE70 Sprinter 1982-1983 (Japan only)
  • CE80 Sprinter 1983-1987 (Japan only)
  • CE90/96/97 Sprinter 1987-1991 (Japan only)
  • CP50 Starlet 1979-1983 (Japan only)

2C-T Turbocharged version. Applications

  • CT190 Caldina 1994-1997 (Japan only)
  • CT210/215 Carina 1996-1998 (Japan only)
  • CT190 Carina E 1996-1997 (Europe only)
  • CT220 Avensis 1997-2000 (ex. Europe)
  • CV11 Camry 1985-1986
  • CV20 Camry 1986-1991
  • CV30 Camry 1990-1994 (Japan only)
  • CT190 Corona 1996-1997 (ex. Japan)
  • CT210/215 Corona 1996-1997 (Japan only)
  • CM30/40 LiteAce 1985-1992 (Japan only)
  • CR21/28/30/37 LiteAce / TownAce 1984-1992 (Japan only)
  • CV11 Vista 1985-1986 (Japan only)
  • CV20 Vista 1988-1990 (Japan only)
  • CV30 Vista 1990-1994 (Japan only)

Toyota 1C, 2C, 2C-T Engine Repair Manual contains step-by-step instructions accompanied by hundreds of photographs to help you with any task from basic repair to simple maintenance for your cars. Every automotive repair manual is written based on a hands-on complete teardown of the specific automobile model.


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