Technicians Reference Booklet Subaru Boxer Engine Series Module 104 PDF

Technician Reference Booklet 6 Cylinder Boxer Engines Series Module 104-H6 (6cyl Boxer Engine Series-011822-MSA5P0631C)

Table of Contents
Slide Sequence
General Overview
2.2L Engine Identification
2.2L Engine (Phase 1) Features
2.2L Engine Servicing & Diagnostics
In Vehicle Servicing
Engine Diagnostics
2.2L Engine Disassembly
2.2L Component Inspection and Servicing
2.2L Engine Reassembly
Notes and Cautions
2.2L Engine Disassembly
2.2L Engine Reassembly
Engine Enhancements 2.2 Liter (Phase 1)
Other Engine Modifications
1999 2.2 Liter (SOHC) (Phase 2) Engine Enhancements
New Features of the Phase Two Engines
2.5 Liter Engine Features
Spark Plug Replacement Procedure for 2.5 Liter Engine
1997 2.5 Engine DOHC (Phase 1)
2.5 Engines 1999 Enhancements DOHC (Phase 1) and SOHC (Phase 2)
New Features of the 2.5 Liter (Phase 2) SOHC Engines
2.0 Liter Engine Features
3.0 Liter Engine
General Information
3.0 Liter Engine Features
3.0 Specifications
3.0 Liter Engine Disassembly
Unloading Cam Sprockets
Removal of Oil Pump
O-Ring Placement Inner Cover
Removal of Cylinder Head
Removal of Oil Pan
Piston Pin Access
Spliting Block Halves
Lubrication System
Coolant System
Valve Adjustment
Chain Tensioners
3.0 Liter Engine Reassembly
Fuji Bond Application Guide for Block Halves
Oil Pan Extension Housing (Upper Oil Pan)
Fuji Bond Application Guide for Oil Pan (Lower)
Fuji Bond Application Guide for Inner Cover
Fuji Bond Application Guide for Outer Cover (Front Chain Cover)
3.3 Liter Engine Service Procedures
Special Tools
General Hand Tools and Supplies
Reference Materials
Service Bulletins
104 Module Service Help-Line Updates

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