The Prius That Shook the World

The Prius That Shook the World PDF

The Prius That Shook the World: How Toyota Developed the World’s First Mass-Production Hybrid Vehicle. This book chronicles the events leading to the unveiling of the first generation Prius at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1998, describing the evolution of the design and engineering involved in making a mass-production hybrid car.


  • Preface
  • Eiji Toyoda’s Order – Project G21
  • Sedan Package Revolution – Body
  • Selection of the Hybrid System – THS
  • Sudden New President – Hiroshi Okuda
  • California’s CALTY – Design
  • Power Play – Engine
  • A Second Tech Division? Production Technology’s Help – Motor
  • Hirose Plant’s First Major Challenge – IGBT
  • Cooling the THS – Radiator
  • Merging Two Different Cultures – Battery
  • The Two Product Planners – Commercialization
  • Human Network – Production
  • Superb Technical Presentation – ECO Project
  • The Big 3’s Chill – Tokyo, Kyoto and Detroit
  • After Prius

Language: English
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Pages: 388
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