Porsche 914 Weber Service Manual & Wiring Diagram

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  1.  Porsche 914 Weber Service Manual – View Online PDF

This publication is not intended to duplicate the « Use and Maintenance » booklet issued with every vehicle, but rather to integrate the rules for carburetor maintenance so as to ensure that both the User and Service Station personnel have a suitable carburetor maintenance manual.

Rules regarding the engine in particular have, therefore, been omitted, reference only being made, when necessary, to its separate parts (e.g. tappet adjustment, ignition, timing system adjustment, lubrication, etc.).
Thus only the carburetors are dealt with, leaving the owner to consult the handbook supplied by the maker for general particulars regarding the vehicle.


  • 40 IDA 3 C
  • 40 IDS 3 C
  • 46 IDA 3 C


  • Preface
  • Removal of carburetors from engine
  • Carburetor cover
  • Fuel filters and needle valves
  • Floats
  • Levelling of floats
  • Main jets
  • Idling jets
  • Air corrector jets and emulsioning tubes
  • Accelerating pump
  • Pipe inspection
  • Throttle valves and main shafts
  • Ispection idling mixture adjustment screws and idling progression holes
  • Idling adjustment
  • Air compensation inspection adjustment screws
  • Assortment of Weber spare parts
  • Weber tools

2.  Porsche 914 Wiring Diagram – View Online PDF

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