Pontiac Fiero 1984 – 1988 Chilton Owners Service & Repair Manual

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Pontiac Fiero 1984 – 1988 Chilton Owners Service & Repair Manual covers all models.

How to use this book.

Chilton’s Total Car Care manual is intended to help you learn more about the inner workings of your vehicle while saving you money on its upkeep and operation.

The beginning of the book will likely be referred to the most, since that is where you will find information for maintenance and tune-up. The other sections deal with the more complex systems of your vehicle. Operating systems from engine through brakes are covered to the extent that the average do-it-yourselfer becomes mechanically involved. This book will not explain such things as rebuilding a differential for the simple reason that the expertise required and the investment in special tools make this task uneconomical. It will, however, give you detailed instructions to help you change your own brake pads and shoes, replace spark plugs, and perform many more jobs that can save you money, give you personal satisfaction and help you avoid expensive problems.

A secondary purpose of this book is a reference for owners who want to understand their vehicle and/or their mechanics better. In this case, no tools at all are required.

Maintenance or Repair?

It’s necessary to mention the difference between maintenance and repair. Maintenance includes routine inspections, adjustments, and replacement of parts which show signs of normal wear. Maintenance compensates for wear or deterioration. Repair implies that something has broken or is not working. A need for repair is often caused by lack of maintenance. Example: draining and refilling the automatic transmission fluid is maintenance recommended by the manufacturer at specific mileage intervals. Failure to do this can ruin the transmission/transaxle, requiring very expensive repairs. While no maintenance program can prevent items from breaking or wearing out, a general rule can be stated: MAINTENANCE IS CHEAPER THAN REPAIR.

Two basic mechanic’s rules should be mentioned here. First, whenever the left side of the vehicle or engine is referred to, it is meant to specify the driver’s side. Conversely, the right side of the vehicle means the passenger’s side. Second, most screws and bolts are removed by turning counterclockwise, and tightened by turning clockwise.

Safety is always the most important rule. Constantly be aware of the dangers involved in working on an automobile and take the proper precautions. See the information in this section regarding SERVICING YOUR VEHICLE SAFELY and the SAFETY NOTICE on the acknowledgment page.


  • Introduction
  • Vehicle Identification Numbers
  • Buying Parts
  • Maintenance Techniques And More
  • Tune-Up And Routine Maintenance
  • 4-Cylinder Engine
  • V6 Engine
  • Engine And Overhaul Procedures
  • Cooling, Heating And Air-Conditioning Systems
  • Fuel And Exhaust Systems
  • Engine Electrical Systems
  • Emissions Control Systems
  • Manual Transaxle
  • Automatic Transaxle
  • Clutch And Driveaxles
  • Brakes
  • Suspension And Steering Systems
  • Body
  • Chassis Electrical System
  • Wiring Diagrams

Chilton manuals are written specifically for the do-it-yourselfer, yet are complete enough to be used by professional mechanics. Since 1910 Chilton has produced manuals written from hands-on experience based on a vehicle teardown with hundreds of photos and illustrations, making Chilton the world leader in automotive repair information.

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Free download Pontiac Fiero 1984 – 1988 Chilton Owners Service & Repair Manual PDF