Mazda RX-7 1979-1985 Carburetor Repair Manual

Mazda RX-7 1979-1985 Carburetor Repair Manual

Overhaul sections in this book are designed for the technician to begin with the carburetor on the bench. Ail previous disassembly should already be performed as per instructions listed in the vehicle workshop manual. Please remember that all instructions for adjustment procedures are listed as if you are making a continuation of a complete overhaul. Initial steps such as warming up the engine may not appear. Therefore it is important to follow each section in order of progression through to the end. Individual adjustments may not stand alone as listed in this book, so look for such individual steps in the workshop manual.

If at all possible, make your job easier by taking your own notes concerning the customer’s complaint with the vehicle. Also make a note of your OWN findings PRIOR to removing the carburetor from the vehicle.

Use extreme care when disconnecting or handling carburetor electrical components. Do not yank wiring, dip elec trical parts In solvent, or force connectors. Doing any of these things may cost you lost time when the assembly i< completed. Time saved by shortcuts may be lost twice over by time spent troubleshooting.

Information in this manual supercedes all other carburetor Information in previous manuals, Including workshop manuals. Use only the information and specifications listed in this manual when overhauling a Mazda carburetor fo the vehicles covered. Do not mix information or specifications from any other sources, since this manual contains the most recent data available.

Exploded views In each section may show pans which should not be disassembled. Therefore, these illustration; are not to be used necessarily as disassembly guides, but as ‘’maps” to show the relationship of all carburetor parts ONLY step-by-step instructions are to be used when assembling or disassembling. For your convenience, each explod ed view features a reference number to all parts. Use these illustrations to eliminate any confusion which might occu regarding names of parts, placement, attachments, or adjusting points. Also pay close attention to these illustration; to determine differences in design from year to year. Above all, do not skip steps – you may miss important information

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