Manual Gearbox 02T – Self-Study Programme 237

Manual Gearbox 02T - Self-Study Programme 237 PDF

Manual Gearbox 02T – Self-Study Programme 237 PDF. With the new 02T 5/6-speed manual gearbox of the MQ200 series, Volkswagen has succeeded in developing an ultra-light twin-shaft gearbox. The housing is manufactured from magnesium.

The gearbox can transmit up to 200 Nm of torque and is used throughout the Group in combination with various engines ranging from the A00 class to the A class.

The final drive ratios and the ratios of the individual gears can be matched to the power outputs of the various engines. The type diversity within the gear and final drive ratios allows an optimum compromise to be found between sporty and economical gearbox design for all automotive applications.

The gearbox is operated by means of selector cables. The clutch control is hydraulic.

The development goals for the new gearbox were as follows:

  • Easy and exact gear-changes
  • Optimal efficiency
  • Low weight
  • Modular technology
  • Standard cable-operated gearbox

The Self-Study Programme is not a Workshop Manual.
Please always refer to the relevant Service Literature for all inspection, adjustment and repair instructions.



  • Modular system

Gearbox mechanicals

  • Gearbox design
  • Input shaft
  • Output shaft
  • Bearing support
  • Double synchronisers
  • Differential
  • Force path

Selector mechanism

  • Outer selector mechanism
  • Inner gear change mechanism
  • Selection movement
  • Shift movement
  • Reverse gear lock



  • Gearbox design
  • Modifications to the 5-speed version
  • Force path

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