Land Rover Defender MY2007 Workshop Manual PDF

Land Rover Defender MY07 Workshop Manual PDF

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How to use This Manual

This manual covers all aspects necessary in order to service the vehicle effectively.

The manual is structured into five main sections, General Information, Chassis, Powertrain, Electrical and Body and Paint with each section dealing with a specific part of a vehicle system.

Each of the five main sections contain sub-sections dealing with items which form a part of that specific system.

Pages at the start of the manual list all sections available. Each section has a contents list detailing, where applicable, Specifications, Description and Operation, Diagnosis and Testing, General Procedures and Repair Procedures.

Where components need to be removed or disassembled in sequence, each operation in the sequence will be identified numerically and also graphically in an accompanying illustration.
NOTE: Dimensions quoted are to design engineering specifications with service limits quoted, where applicable. Workshop Manual Organization

The five main sections, together with the areas which they cover are given below:

Section 1 – General Information.
Section 2 – Chassis.
Section 3 – Powertrain.
Section 4 – Electrical.
Section 5 – Body and Paint.

Sub-section numbers appear after the initial section number, for example, Section 412-03 covers air conditioning, which is part of the electrical section.

In the number given above, the first digit of the number ‘4’ indicates the section i.e. Electrical.

The second and third digits ’12’ of the number indicate the vehicle system i.e. Air Conditioning.

The last two digits of the number ’03’ indicate the part of the system covered by the sub-section i.e. Air Conditioning Compressor.

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