How to Keep Your Datsun L-Series-Z-Series Nissan Alive

How to Keep Your Datsun L-Series-Z-Series Nissan Alive scr1

How to Keep Your Datsun L-Series-Z-Series Nissan Alive: Maintenance & Repair 1968-1986 – 510, 610, 710, 521, 620, 720 Cars & Trucks.


For whatever reasons you put out good money for this book, let’s make your purchase worthwhile. Read this book and you should gain at least enough information and pleasure to satisfy your investment. Before you start fixing anything I suggest you first read this and Chapter 2, then the Introduction and Procedure 1 of the chapter you’re interested in, skipping the “hands on” details and absorbing the pieces of information that interest or immediately relate to you.

I have tried to cover as many bases as possible without alienating or mystifying readers as so many other auto repair manuals do. I presume you know nothing about the operation of your Datsun/Nissan. Some of you may, of course, but this book’s for everyone. And it is a use book. You could try putting it under your pillow, hoping to absorb the book’s contents as you sleep. But the only way this’ll work is if you read some, and then sleep on it.

You’ll have to get your hands dirty if you plan to relate with your vehicle immediately. Knowing how things work is only a third of learning mechanics; practice and feel are the other two-thirds. Tools are your medium and in time will become your friends. There is great similarity in many mechanisms, you will find. When a certain level of communication is reached with your machine, the walls of alienation disappear, and the art becomes yours.

Don’t let rash emotions interfere with your understanding of the machine’s needs. Yes, it has needs— gasoline, oil, maintenance, and tolerance. Although your Datsun’s or Nissan’s needs may not be those of a human, no matter how vexing the machine might be, try not to forget that it was created by humans. The more you know and accept about your car, the more you will understand its forms of expression.

I think this is important, yet we still hear it too infrequently: Automobiles, computers, spaceships and all our time- and trouble-saving devices have threatened to remove us from an essential link with the earth. I try not to let a moment pass without realizing that the earth is the source of these wonders; human beings merely rearrange the resources and put them to use. Remember this feet, and you’ll be giving your car or truck the respect it rightly deserves. It’s a resource, a magic carpet, a lesson in thermodynamics, and a constant transformer of enetgy and a political phenomenon. Conserving eneigy is much more than simply watching the amount of fuel we consume driving. The automobile itsel f is a form of matter and eneigy that can be abused, inefficiently used, or respected and maintained. Do right by it and it will conserve energy for you on all levels.

Absorb, work, and love—you are qualified to excel. I think John Muir said that. Don’t let your machine send you to the looney bin or the poorhouse. Accept it for what it is—simply a tool made from parts of the earth, and a fascinating one at that.

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