Infotainment in the Touareg ’11 – Self-study Programme 473

Infotainment in the Touareg '11 - Self-study Programme 473 PDF

In addition to the traditional medium of radio, other media like television, video and telephone systems have also been popular in cars for some time now. In order to achieve, among other things, a very high level of user friendliness, these media have been combined in a single infotainment system, which can also incorporate other vehicle functions, for example, controls for air conditioning and driver assistance systems. Increasingly large amounts of data need to be transferred even faster, in particular to allow high-quality visual reproduction of data. For this reason, we have given the Touareg 2011 an infotainment system that links the different playback devices, for example, the media player, radio tuner and TV tuner, with a fibre-optic cable for data transfer (MOST data bus).

At launch, the Touareg can be equipped with an infotainment system based on the RNS 850 radio and navigation system. An infotainment system based on the RCD 550 radio is planned for a later date. The functions and information in this book therefore refer only to the system combined with the RNS 850.

The self-study programme portrays the design and function of new developments.
The contents will not be updated.
For current testing, adjustment and repair instructions, refer to the relevant service literature.



RNS 850 Radio and Navigation System

  • Control unit 1 for information electronics
  • Radio
  • TV tuner
  • DVD changer
  • DynAudio sound system
  • Display units

Aerial Systems

RCD 550 Radio System


  • Ring break diagnosis wire
  • Updating the navigation data

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