HPBooks: Bosch Fuel Injection Systems

Bosch Fuel Injection Systems

This complete manual includes basic operating principles of Bosch’s intermittent fuel injection systems; D-L- and LH-Jetronic, and LH-Motonic tuning and troubleshooting intermittent systems; and high-performance applications.

Although gasoline fuel injection (FI) has been around just about as long as the automobile ‘tself, it has always been a mysterious technology. Until about 1970 it was both rare and expensive, restricted to some aircraft applications, and to a hand-full of exotic, high performance cars and racers. Production cars – even high performance sports carsmade  do with carburetors. Thirty-plus years later, and as a result of the “electronics revolution,” that situation has been very nearly turned on its head. While cars in many racing classes wear carburetors, virtually every production car in the world has FI! Yet it remains a mystery to most. This book is an attempt to de-mystify fuel injection. While it deals principally with the various electronic fuel injection systems produced by the Robert Bosch company, much of what is said in the following pages also applies to other systems. No book of this size-indeed, likely no book of any size-could fully describe the minor variations in FI installations between one vehicle model and another. Still, it is hoped that sufficient detail is provided to be of benefit to mechanics both amateur and professional, while the general principles described will be useful for those attempting performance tuning, and informative for readers who simply seek to understand the mystery.


  • CHAPTER 1 Food For Engines, Food For Thought
  • CHAPTER 2 Fuel Injection: Then and Now
  • CHAPTER 3 Bosch Intermittent Electronic FI
  • CHAPTER 4 Motronic Engine Management
  • CHAPTER 5 Troubleshooting Bosch Intermittent Electronic FI
  • CHAPTER 6 Bosch Continuous Injection
  • CHAPTER 7 Troubleshooting Bosch Continous Injection
  • CHAPTER 8 Performance Modifications

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