Haynes Manual on Fault Codes Free Download PDF

Haynes Manual on Fault Codes Free Download PDF

Haynes Manual on Fault Codes

The definitive DIY manual on automotive diagnostic fault codes. Covers code retrieval with and without a fault code reader. Includes fault code tables (including EOBD systems), sensor and actuator tests, maker-specific chapters and code clearing procedures. Unique colour section shows location of EOBD diagnostic plugs.


This book Is devoted to the gathering of fault codes, and to the understanding and testing of the self-diagnosis element of the modem engine management system. This Automotive Diagnostic Fault Code Techbook is a companion volume to the Haynes Engine Management and Fuel Injection Systems Manuel, and tor a complete understanding of the modern engine management system, the content of both books should be examined.

The book first gives a technical overview of self-diagnosis. Other Chapters describe test equipment and general test routines for individual components which may be indicated to be defective by the presence of a stored fault code. Finally, each vehicle manufacturer is given a specific Chapter with a comprehensive list of fault codes, details of how to obtain codes, and other relevant info-matron. Even If the reader has no intention ot actually attempting to investigate faults on his or her own vehicle, the oook still provides valuable insight hto self-diagnosis.

On the other hand, if you relish tho task of electronic fault diagnosis, this book will provide you with much of the background knowledge necessary to test the components and circuits on your engine. Generally, we describe how to diagnose faults using simple tools and equipment, which will be available from moat good automotive parts retailers. We also mention where the use of more specialised equipment is necessary, and describe some of the common routines used by the professional garage trade.

The vehicle manufacturers may not in fact specifically endorse a number of our tests and routines. In the main, this will be because the manufacturer’s test routines are becoming more focused on Their own dedicated test equipment which is not generally available outside of a main dealer netwo*. In almost all instances, our own tests follow well-defined testing methods taught in independent training schools, and used by many modern vehicle technical specialists. We mainly describe simple testing methods that are possible with the aid of the ubiquitous digital mufti-meter (DMM).

Refer to the companion volume (Haynes Engine Management Techbook) for a description of the operation and test procedures of the modern engine managment system. Our test procedures are necessanly generic. However, in many cases, following our procedures in conjunction with a good wiring diagram will reveal the reason for most faults.. and more …


Safety first!
Index of vehicles covered
Chapter 1 Introduction to Self-Diagnosis
Chapter 2 Test equipment, training and technical data
Chapter 3 General test procedures
Chapter 4 Component test procedures
Chapter 5 Alfa Romeo
Chapter 6 Audi
Chapter 7 BMW
Chapter 8 Citroën
Chapter 9 Daewoo
Chapter 10 Daihatsu
Chapter 11 Rat
Chapter 12 Ford
Chapter 13 Honda
Chapter 14 Hyundai
Chapter 15 Isuzu
Chapter 16 Jaguar
Chapter 17 Kia
Chapter 18 Lancia
Chapter 19 Land Hover
Chapter 20 Lexus
Chapter 21 Mazda
Chapter 22 Mercedes
Chapter 23 Mitsubishi
Chapter 24 Nissan
Chapter 25 Peugeot
Chapter 26 Proton
Chapter 27 Renault
Chapter 28 Rover
Chapter 29 Saab
Chapter 30 Seat
Chapter 31 Skoda
Chapter 32 Subaru
Chapter 33 Suzuki
Chapter 34 Toyota
Chapter 35 Vauxhall/Opei
Chapter 36 Volkswagen
Chapter 37 Volvo
Abbreviations, Warnings and Giossary of technical terms

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