2008 Geely CK Workshop Manual PDF

2008 Geely CK Workshop Manual PDF Free Download SCR1

2008 Geely CK Workshop Manual PDF Free Download

Table of Contents
Part I Engine
Chapter 1 Engine Assembly (MR479Q, MR479QA, MR481QA)
Section 1 Routine Inspection
Section 2 Drive Belt Replacement
Section 3 Valve Clearance Adjustment
Chapter 2 Engine Components Replacement
(MR479Q, MR479QA, MR481QA)
Section 1 Engine Components
Section 2 Engine Components Replacement
Section 3 Timing Belt Replacement
Section 4 Camshaft Replacement
Section 5 Cylinder Head Gasket Replacement
Section 6 Oil Pump Oil Seal Replacement
Section 7 Engine Rear Oil Seal Replacement
Chapter 3 Lubrication System (MR479Q, MR479QA, MR481QA)
Section 1 Oil Pressure Gage Sensor Replacement
Section 2 Oil Pump Assembly Replacement
Section 3 Oil Filter Replacement
Section 4 Starter Replacement
Section 5 Generator Replacement
Chapter 4 Fuel System (MR7131A, MR7151A, MR7161A)
Section 1 Check Fuel System Pressure
Section 2 Fuel Pump Inspection
Section 3 Fuel Injector Replacement
Section 4 Fuel Pump Replacement
Section 5 Fuel Emission Control System
Section 6 C arbon Canister Replacement
Chapter 5 Exhaust System (MR7131A, MR7151A, MR7161A)
Chapter 6 Cooling System Inspection
(MR7131A, MR7151A, MR7161A)
Section 1 System Check
Section 2 Water Pump, Thermostat and Radiator Replacement
Chapter 7 Clutch (MR7131A, MR7151A, MR7161A)
Section 1 Clutch Replacement
Chapter 8 Maunal Transaxle Assembly
(MR7131A, MR7151A, MR7161A)
Section 1 Manual T ransaxle Replacement
Section 2 Vehicle Speed Sensor Replacement
Section 3 Transmission Case Oil Seal
Section 4 Transaxle Case Oil Seal Replacement
Chapter 9 General Engine Troubles and Their Troubleshooting
Section 1 Overview
Section 2 General Engine Fault and Troubleshooting
Section 3 Engine Noise Diagnosis and Troubleshooting
Chapter 10 Engine Management Unit
Section 1 System Description
Section 2 System Component and Working Principle
Part II Chassis
Chapter 1 Transmission Control Device
Section 1 Transmission Control Device
Section 2 Lever Type Transmission Control Device
Section 3 Cable Type Transmissi on Control Module
Chapter 2 Accelerator Pedal
Section 1 Accelerator Pedal
Chapter 3 Clutch Control System
Section 1 Clutch Control System
Section 2 Clutch Cable Control Mechanism
Section 3 Clutch hydraulic Control Device
Chapter 4 Propeller Shaft
Section 1 Propeller Shaft
Chapter 5 Front Suspension System
Section 1 Front Suspension System
Section 2 Front Suspension
Section 3 Front Wheel Alignment
Section 4 Front Strut Assembly
Section 5 Lower Swing Arm Assembly
Section 6 Front Stabilizer Bar and Link Rod Assembly
Chapter 6 Rear Suspension System
Section 1 Rear Suspension System
Section 2 Rear Suspension
Section 3 Rear Wheel Alignment
Section 4 Left & Right Rear Strut Assembly
Section 5 Rear stabilizer bar assembly, strut rod components
Section 6 Left & Right Trailing Rod Assembly
Section 7 No. 1 Transverse Arm Assembly
Section 8 No. 2 Transverse Arm Assembly
Chapter 7 Wheel
Section 1 Tire Inspection
Section 2 Wheel Replacement
Chapter 8 Power Steering System
Section 1 Power Steering System
Section 2 Steering Drive and Control Mechanism
Section 3 Steering Pipeline Component
Section 4 Power Steering Gear Retaining Device
Chapter 9 Brake System
Section 1 Brake System
Section 2 Brake Fluid
Section 3 Brake Pedal
Section 4 Vacuum Booster with Brake Master Cylinder Assembly
Section 5 Front Brake Assembly
Section 6 Rear Brake
Section 7 Brake Line
Section 8 Parking Brake System
Chapter 1 Survey
Chapter 2 Starting and Charging System
Section 1 Starting System (MR479Q MR479QA MR481QA)
Section 2 Charging System (MR479Q, MR479QA, MR481QA)
Chapter 3 Combination Meter System
Section 1 Circuit Diagram of Combination Meter and Location of Multi-pin Plug-in
Section 2 Malfunction Symptom Table and Solution Procedure
Section 3 Combination Meter
Chapter 4 Wiper and Washer System
Section 1 Wiper and Washer System Inspection
Section 2 Replacement and Adjustment
Chapter 5 Light System
Section 1 Survey of Light System
Section 2 Light System Symptom Inspection
Section 3 Headlamp Replacement
Section 4 Front Fog Lamp Replacement
Section 5 Rear Combination Lamp Replacement
Section 6 High Mounted Stop Lamp Replacement
Section 7 Interior Dome Lamp Replacement
Section 8 Rear Row Reading Lamp Replacement
Section 9 License Plate Lamp Replacement
Chapter 6 Audio System
Section 1 Audio System Description
Section 2 Audio System Connector Terminal Layout
Section 3 Audio System Inspection
Section 4 Audio and V ideo System Replacement
Chapter 7 SRS (Supplemental Restraint System)
Section 1 SRS-General Information
Section 2 Troubleshooting
Section 3 Removal & Installation
Chapter 8 MK-20 ABS System
Section 1 ABS Diagnosis
Section 2 ABS System Check
Section 3 Removal and Installation
Part IV Air Conditioner and Inside & Outside Trim
Chapter 1 A/C System
Section 1 The Structure & Working Principle of Refrigeration System
Section 2 Heating System
Section 3 A/C contr olling system
Section 4 Service Caution & Notice
Section 5 The Refrigeration System Operation Procedure
Section 6 Basic System
Section 7 A/C System Faults Check & Troubleshooting
Chapter 2 Inside & outside Trim and Accessory
Section 1 Configuration Index
(I) Outside Trim And Fr ont Accessory
(II) Outside Trim and Rear Accessory
(III) Front inside trim
(IV) Rear inside trim
Section 2 Inside & Outside Trim and Accessories Removal and Installation
(I) Front Bumper
(II) Engine Hood
(III) Outside Rear View Mirror
(IV) Rear trunk Lid
(V) Rear Bumper
(VI) Seat Removal, Installation and Adjustment
(VII) Seat Belt
(VIII) Instrument panel and auxiliary console
(IX) A pillar inside trim and front door sill
(X) B pillar inside trim
(XI) Cpillar inside trim and rear door sill
(XII) Roof inside trim
(XIII) Carpet and Heat Insulator
(XIV) Rear trunk Inside Trim
(XV) Engine Hood Inside Trim
(XVI) Door
Part V Body
Chapter 1 General Information
Section 1 Body Structure
Chapter 2 Body Repair
Section 1 Body Damage Forms and Requirements for Repair
Section 2 Typical Technology Of Body Panel Repair
Section 3 Repair after Body Damage
Section 4 Features and Composition of Automobile Body
Section 5 Painting Technique after Body Repair
Section 6 Service Data For Body

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