Gasoline Fuel-Injection System L-Jetronic PDF

Gasoline Fuel-Injection System L-Jetronic Free Download PDF

Since their introduction, Jetronic f uel-injoction systems have proved themselves millions of times over under the harsh conditions of everyday driving.

The on-going development of the control unit and the sensors has led from the D-Jetronic to the L-Jetronic, and resulted in this fuel-injection system becoming even more precise and reliable.

New circuitry for the evaluation of the sensor signals has led to more economical and more sophisticated engine operating characteristics. Thanks to the employment of the Lambda sensor, and the integration of the Lambda closed-loop control unit, the L-Jetronic can already comply today with the exhaust-gas legislation of tomorrow. This booklet tells you all you want to know about the latest developments in the L-Jetronic.


  • Combustion in the spark-ignition
    Spark-ignition engine
  • Mixture formation
    Adapting to specific operating conditions
    Mixture-formation systems
  • L-Jetronic
    Outline of system, advantages
    Fuel supply system
    Operating-data sensing system
    Fuel metering
    Adapting to operating modes
    Supplementary functions
    Electric circuitry
  • Emissions-control technology
    Exhaust-gas constituents

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