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Fuel Injection is a key process characterising the combustion development within Spark-Ignition (SI) and Compression Ignition (CI) Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs). Fuel Injection and Spray Behaviour in fact largely control the fuel-air mixing, combustion process efficiency, stability, the production of noxious species, the radiated noise, etc.The proper design of the fuel injection system requires the employment of both experimental and numerical techniques, sometimes coupled for optimisation procedures.

Research and development of the fuel injection system is not limited to ICEs. A proper design of this system is required in many industrial applications, involving different rules and requiring very different design targets.

The chapters in this book aim to present the state of the art of the experimental and numerical methodologies applied to deepen the understanding of fuel injection system behaviour, for both gasoline and diesel engines. Chapter 1 describes the potential of a Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) for a SI-ICE, while chapters 2 to 4 are devoted to the presentation of experimental analyses on spray behaviour in a diesel engine. Chapters 5 to 7 are indeed focused on the modelling of the fuel injection system, and analyse its impact on engine performance, while chapter 8 puts together experimental and numerical techniques for an overall system optimisation under the point of view of both engine performance, noxious emission and radiated noise.

Chapters 9 to 12 focus on non-engine applications and give an outlook of the different requirements that a model fuel injection system needs to ensure in various industrial applications.


  • Chapter 1 – Gasoline direct injection
  • Chapter 2 – Liquid Sprays Characteristics in Diesel Engines
  • Chapter 3 – Experimental Cells for Diesel Spray Research
  • Chapter 4 – Experimental study of spray generated by a new type of injector with rotary swinging needle
  • Chapter 5 – Effect of injector nozzle holes on diesel engine performance
  • Chapter 6 – Accurate modelling of an injector for common rail systems
  • Chapter 7 – The investigation of the mixture formation upon fuel injection into high-temperature gas flows
  • Chapter 8 – Integrated numerical procedures for the design, analysis and optimization of diesel engines
  • Chapter 9 – Hydrogen fuelled scramjet combustor – the impact of fuel injection
  • Chapter 10 – Plasma flame sustained by microwave and burning hydrocarbon fuel: Its applications
  • Chapter 11 – The blast furnace trazability by helium
  • Chapter 12 – Experimental investigations into the production behavior of methane hydrate in porous sediment under ethylene glycol injection and hot brine stimulation

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