Electronic Manual Gearbox – Self-Study Programme 221

Electronic Manual Gearbox - Self-Study Programme 221 PDF

Electronic Manual Gearbox – Self-Study Programme 221 PDF. The advantages of an electronic manual gearbox over an automatic gearbox are lower weight and higher efficiency.

Taking the Lupo as the basis, Volkswagen has developed the world’s first 3 L car that will also go into volume production. Designing a vehicle which covers 100 km on 3 litres of fuel involved a great deal of detail work. Factors influencing fuel consumption – such as aerodynamics, rolling resistance, engine concept, gearbox tuning and kerb weight – have been revised systematically.

The goal was achieved by using new technologies, weight-saving materials and new production processes. However, the driver also plays a key role with regard to fuel economy. A great many drivers are not aware of this fact, though.

The new electronic manual gearbox eliminates gear shift errors. Gear shifts are executed automatically and in such a way as to optimise fuel consumption.

The Self-Study Programme is not a Workshop Manual.
Please always refer to the relevant Service Literature for all inspection, adjustment and repair instructions.


General information

  • The electronic manual gearbox


  • General information
  • The selector lever


  • System representation
  • The hydraulic clucth control
  • The selector gate selection
  • The gear selection
  • The pressure control
  • The hydraulic pump
  • The clutch slave cylinder


  • System overview
  • The sensors
  • The actuators
  • The gearbox control unit
  • The stop/start function
  • Function diagram
  • The self-diagnosis

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