Delphi 2014 release 2 & 2015 release 3


Last Update for Autocom / Delphi 2015 Release 3 keygen activator and software 2014.2 ( activation release 2 2015 cdp ds150e cdp + cars trucks VCI dongle emulator protection)

Delphi DieselMax and Turbocharger extra modules!

This software Delphi /Autocom 2015 Release 3 for Clone only.

This Update 2014 Release 2 version, it can work with Autocom/Delphi 2014 R 2 – Delphi DS150E , Delphi DS150e bluetooth , Cardiagn CDP , Cardiagn CDP+ , Multidiag Pro serise products.

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Autocom / Delphi 2015.3 keygen released and software

  • Works with any serial (no blacklists) clone
  • Doesn’t connect to autocom activation server (you will never have to turn off internet)
  • Software operating speed is very fast compared to original

* keygen is locked to 1 computer (you cannot resell it or run it on other computer)(but you can activate unlimited fileactivation.xml for your computer and other computers)

Many additions in CARS™
The 2015 Release 3 offers a large number of new diagnostic functionalities. More than 11 000 functions in over 300 models have been implemented or updated.
…and TRUCKS™
The 2015 Release 3 offers a large  number of new diagnostic functionalities.  Nearly 3 000 functions in 180 models
have been implemented or updated.


Language: Multi
Size: 2.5 Gb
Free download Delphi 2014 release 2

Language: Multi
Size: 2.77 Gb
Free download Delphi 2015 release 3