Datsun Tune-Up & Repair 1968-1979, Including Z-ZX

Datsun Tune-Up & Repair 1968-1979, Including Z-ZX PDF Free Download scr1

Datsun Tune-Up & Repair 1968-1979, Including Z-ZX PDF Free Download

This Datsun tune-up manual is unlike any other Datsun manual ever written in that it has been specifically designed to teach a person with absolutely no knowledge of auto mechanics exactly how to do a major tune-up on his/her Datsun If you plan to rebuild the transmission, replace the mam bearings, or resleeve the cylinders, you should consult a manual intended for skilled mechanics that devotes two to three hundred pages to repairs and—relying heavily on your automotive knowledge only three to four pages to tune-ups.

Devoted entirely to tune-ups and wntten in simple, everyday language, this manual describes, step by step, what to do and exactly how to do it, and in addition clearly illustrates each step with easy-to-follow diagrams The best results will be achieved by not applying any prior knowledge you may have (or think you may have) of auto mechanics. It will only complicate the simple instructions contained m this manual.

If you’re on a busy schedule, you can complete your major tune-up m stages of one (or more) chapter(s) at a time. You can safely drive your car after completing the work described m each chapter, proceeding to the next when time permits.

With the help of this manual, you can accomplish the same major tune-up for which you would pay a mechanic $50 to $60.


Chapter One Spark Flogs
Chapter Two Points and Condenser, Belnctor and Pick-Dp Coll
Chapter Three Timing
Chapter Four Valve Adjustment
A12,A13,A14,andA15 Engines
L16, L18. and L20B Engines
L24.L26, and L28 Engines
Chapter Five Carburetor Adjustment
Chapter Six Oil Change and Periodic Maintenance
Chapter Seven Tools

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