Daihatsu Terios Type K3 Engine Service Manual

Daihatsu Type K3 Engine Service Manual scr1

This manual describes the newly-developed Type K3 engine. Type K3 engine comes in the following two types, as indicated in the table below.

Model: M101 (Sirion) J102 (Terios)
Engine type: K3-VE2 K3-VE
Specifications: High-power type Standard type

This manual mainly describes the standard Type K3-VE engine. However, the description applies to both Type K3-VE and Type K3-VE2 engines, unless otherwise specified as for Type K3-VE2 engine.

Furthermore, these engines have complied with the exhaust emission regulations implemented in various countries and regions, including those countries where the 1999/102/EC (Exhaust emission, STEP III) is applied.


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