Common Malfunction Diagnosis Flow of Geely Automobile

Common Malfunction Diagnosis Flow of Geely Automobile PDF

Common Malfunction Diagnosis Flow of Geely Automobile PDF Free Download.


No.001 Engine shuts off abnormally when driving
No.002 Engine surging
No.003 Over idle speed when warm-up
No.004 Idle speed fluctuation
No.005 Idle speed unstable or engine shut-off when opening AC or steering
No.006 Engine shuts off intermittently
No.007 Poor accelerating performance in cold condition
No.008 Spark plug non-sparking
No.009 Low idle speed during engine heating in cold condition
No.010 Canister oil leaking
No.011 Fuel smells in vehicle
No.012 Engine vibration when operating
No.013 Engine noise over normal level
No.014 Water temperature over normal value after AC activated
No.015 Oil pan leak
No.016 Distributor oil leaking
No.017 JL376/378 engine shut-off when sliding at neutral gear
No.018 High idle speed when sliding at neutral gear, MK
No.019 Engine vibration
No.020 Exhaust pipe pours black smoke
No.021 Engine idle speed decreases when activating head beam or fan
No.022 Exhaust pipe blows water
No.023 Engine shuts off when accelerating
No.024 Oil indicator is always on
No.025 Water temperature is over normal value when engine running with large load
No.026 Canister electromagnetic valve sounds abnormal
No.027 Engine fails to start
No.028 Hard to start in cold condition
No.029 Hard to stard engine when heating
No.030 Idle speed unstable
No.031 Non-idle speed
No.032 Idle speed over normal value
No.033 Engine accelerates abnormal
No.034 Water temperature over normal value
No.035 Oil existing in the water tank
No.036 There is water in the oil
No.037 Abnormal sound of crankshaft bearing
No.038 Abnormal sound of connecting rod bush
No.039 Camshaft with abnormal sound
No.040 Camshaft driving gear with abnormal sound
No.041 Cylinder knocking sound
No.042 Oil pump with abnormal sound
No.043 Crankshaft thrust piece with abnormal sound
No.044 Valve with abnormal sound
No.045 Engine with insufficient power
No.046 Oil consumption too large
No.047 Intake tempering
No.048 Exhaust pipe bombs
No.049 Engine knocking
No.050 Engine burning oil
No.051 Cooling water unusually consumed
No.052 Low engine oil pressure
No.053 Quick diagnosis for ECU
No.054 Quick diagnosis for idling-speed governor EWD
No.055 Quick diagnosis for knocking sensor
No.056 Quick diagnosis for stepper motor
No.057 Quick diagnosis for ignition coil
No.058 Quick diagnosis for throttle valve position sensor
No.059 Quick diagnosis for inlet pressure temperature sensor
No.060 Quick diagnosis for water temperature sensor
No.061 Quick diagnosis for canister solenoid valve
No.062 Fuel injector EV
No.063 Quick diagnosis for Hall sensor
No.064 Electric fuel pump EKP
No.065 Fuel pressure regulator DR
No.066 Oxygen sensor LSH
No.067 JL376/378QE engine’s electric control system check
No.068 Diagnosis and solution of common malfunctions of JL376/378QE engine’s electric control system
No.069 Flashing code list of M1.5.4 series
No.070 Malfunction code: P0107 “voltage of intake pressure sensor circuit too low”
No.071 Malfunction code: P0108 “voltage of intake pressure sensor circuit too high”
No.072 Malfunction code: P0112 “temperature indicated by intake temperature sensor too low”
No.073 Malfunction code: P0113 “temperature indicated by intake temperature sensor too high”
No.074 Malfunction code: P0117 “temperature indicated by cooling liquid temperature sensor too low”
No.075 Malfunction code: P0118 “temperature indicated by cooling liquid temperature sensor too high”
No.076 Malfunction code: P0122 “voltage of throttle valve position sensor circuit too low”
No.077 Malfunction code: P0123 “voltage of throttle valve position sensor circuit too high”
No.078 Malfunction code: P0130 “signal circuit of upstream oxygen sensor malfunction”
No.079 Malfunction code: P0132 “voltage of upstream oxygen sensor circuit too high”
No.080 Malfunction code: P0134 “upstream oxygen sensor signal malfunction”
No.081 Malfunction code: P0135 “heating circuit of upstream oxygen sensor malfunction”
No.082 Malfunction code: P0171 “self-adapting of closed-loop control of air fuel ratio shall exceed upper part”
No.083 Malfunction code: P0172 “self-adapting of closed-loop control of air fuel ratio shall exceed lower part”
No.084 Malfunction code: P0201 “one-cylinder oil injector circuit malfunction”
No.085 Malfunction code: P0202 “two-cylinder oil injector circuit malfunction”
No.086 Malfunction code: P0203 “three-cylinder oil injector circuit malfunction”
No.087 Malfunction code: P0204 “four-cylinder oil injector circuit malfunction”
No.088 Malfunction code: P0230 “oil pump control circuit malfunction”
No.089 Malfunction code: P0325 “knock sensor circuit malfunction”
No.090 Malfunction code: P0335 “crankshaft position sensor signal malfunction”
No.091 Malfunction code: P0336 “crankshaft position sensor signal with unreasonable malfunction”
No.092 Malfunction code: P0340 “Phase sensor signal malfunction”
No.093 Malfunction code: P0342 “circuit voltage of phase sensor too low”
No.094 Malfunction code: P0343 “circuit voltage of phase sensor too high”
No.095 Malfunction code: P0443 “Malfunction of control circuit of driver stage of canister control valve”
No.096 Malfunction code: P0444 “voltage of control circuit of driver stage of canister control valve too low”
No.097 Malfunction code: P0445 “voltage of control circuit of driver stage of canister control valve too high”
No.098 Malfunction code: P0480 “malfunction control circuit of cooling fan relay of AC condenser”
No.099 Malfunction code: P0500 “unreasonable malfunction of speed signal”
No.100 Malfunction code: P0506 “idling speed lower than target speed value”
No.101 Malfunction code: P0507 “idling speed higher than target speed value”
No.102 Malfunction code: P0508 “voltage of control circuit of idling speed governor too low”
No.103 Malfunction code: P0509 “voltage of control circuit of idling speed governor too high”
No.104 Malfunction code: P0511 “malfunction control circuit of idling speed governor”
No.105 Malfunction code: P0560 “unreasonable system voltage signal”
No.106 Malfunction code: P0562 “system voltage too low”
No.107 Malfunction code: P0563 “system voltage too high”
No.108 Malfunction code: P0601 “error of check code of electronic control unit”
No.109 Malfunction code: P0602 “error of identification code of diagnosis data of electronic control unit”
No.110 Malfunction code: P0645 “malfunction of relay control circuit of AC compressor”
No.111 Malfunction code: P0646 “voltage of relay control circuit of AC compressor too low”
No.112 Malfunction code: P0647 “voltage of relay control circuit of AC compressor too high”
No.113 Malfunction code: P1508 “voltage of control circuit of idling speed governor too high”
No.114 Malfunction code: P1651 “malfunction of control circuit of engine malfunction lamp (SVS)”
No.115 Engine not running or slowly running while startup
No.116 While startup, engine running, but unable to start
No.117 Difficult to start for hot startup
No.118 Difficult to start for cold startup
No.119 Difficulty startup at any time though with normal speed
No.120 Normal startup with instable idling speed at any time
No.121 Normal startup, with instable idling speed during warming up
No.122 Normal startup, with instable idling speed after warming up
No.123 Normal startup, idling speed is instable or the vehicle will flame out when partially loaded (such as: when air conditioner is on)
No.124 Normal startup, the idling speed is too high
No.125 Unable to rotating speed or flameout while accelerating
No.126 Slow reaction while accelerating
No.127 Weak with poor performance while accelerating
No.128 Malfunction code with EOBD system
No.129 Malfunction code without EOBD system
No.130 Transmission hard to put into gear
No.131 Park position fails
No.132 Gear indicator lamp off sometimes
No.133 Auto transmission with abnormal sound
No.134 Transmission shaking during driving
No.135 Auto transmission case oil temperature rises, reverse gear fails
No.136 Auto transmission upshifts too late
No.137 Auto transmission unable to upshift
No.138 Auto transmission unable to force downshift
No.139 Engine shuts down after putting into gear
No.140 No forward gear
No.141 Transmission oil easily deteriorate
No.142 Auto transmission oil easily deteriorate
No.143 No reversing gear
No.144 Trip stop of fourth gear of transmission case
No.145 Transmission with abnormal sound
No.146 Gear shifting lever swinging, hard to shift
No.147 Sounding when releasing throttle of third, fourth gears and decelerating
No.148 Fifth gear not easily shifted up
No.149 Fifth gear, first gear blocks, relieved only when the vehicle stops
No.150 Hiss sound when put into gear during driving
No.151 Transmission gear runout
No.152 Hiss sound when second, third, fourth gear upshift
No.153 Chug sound in transmission case at idling speed
No.154 Da-da sound in transmission at idling speed
No.155 Buzz sound during driving at high speed
No.156 Transmission with abnormal sound while shifting
No.157 Transmission gear disorder
No.158 Shaking startup
No.159 Shaking startup
No.160 Clutch slipping
No.161 Heavy clutch
No.162 Not fully separated
No.163 Clutch with abnormal sound
No.164 Shock absorber with abnormal sound
No.165 Front wheel with abnormal sound when turning
No.166 Heavy steering
No.167 Steering wheel not well back to original position
No.170 Steering power insufficient (hydraulic)
No.171 Power-assisted pump with abnormal sound
No.172 Direction running out
No.173 Steering wander during normal driving
No.174 Front wheel tire abnormally worn
No.175 Normally when driving straightly, but with abnormal sound while turning
No.176 Braking wandering
No.177 Braking dragging
No.178 Braking with abnormal sound
No.179 Braking sideslipping, swerving
No.180 Braking intermittently stiffening
No.181 Braking ineffective
No.182 Brake fails
No.183 Steering wheel with too large free stroke
No.184 Buzzing noise at rear wheel while driving at high speed
No.185 Braking force of brake master cylinder insufficient
No.186 Stepping on pedal too heavily
No.187 Common malfunction diagnosis and Solution for Geely automobile tire
No.188 Causes analysis for common manufacturing defects of Geely automobile tire Electrics
No.189 CD-player disk boot malfunction (without MP3)
No.190 CD-player fails to work when activating
No.191 CD-player keeps soundless under all modes
No.192 CD-player/radio gains no power
No.193 A loudspeaker of CD-player/radio is soundless
No.194 Onboard hand-free phone has no sound output (MK)
No.195 CD-player/radio button out of control
No.196 CD-player/radio button indicator malfunction
No.197 CD-player/radio memory function malfunction
No.198 CD-player/radio no signal
No.199 CD-player/radio sound distortion at large volume
No.200 CD-player/radio tuner can’t stop
No.201 CD-player/radio has noise when receiving signal
No.202 CD-player fails to insert disk
No.203 CD-player fails to popup disk
No.204 CD-player with poor vibration resistance performance
No.205 USB interface of CD –player malfunction (U-disk) (MK)
No.206 CD-player burns out when connecting power source
No.207 CD-player consists back drop
No.208 Cassette stuck or failed to popup
No.209 Cassette speed abnormal, turned over automatically and chewed
No.210 Poor timbre, low volume or noise jump when playing CD
No.211 Low loudspeaker volume
No.212 Large loudspeaker noise
No.213 Loudspeaker susurrates when pressing horn
No.214 Speedometer non-display
No.215 Freedom ship speedometer malfunction, indicates automatically when pressing horn
No.216 Incorrect indication of speedometer
No.217 Kilometrage on LCD of odometer will accumulate automatically after the engine starts
No.218 Automatic movement of odometer pointer after start-up of engine
No.219 Incorrect indication or no indication of engine tachometer
No.220 Incorrect indication (or no indication) of fuel gauge
No.221 No indication of water temperature gauge
No.222 Electric mirror can’t work
No.223 Always-On or failure of water temperature alarm indicator
No.224 Safety & alarm indicator is always on or not on
No.225 Brake fluid level alarm indicator is always on or can’t alarm
No.226 Oil alarm indicator is always on
No.227 Headlight is always on or not on
No.228 Weak running of starter
No.229 Starter can’t work
No.230 Idling of starter
No.231 Abnormal sound during start-up of starter
No.232 Over-high or over-low recharging voltage from generator
No.233 Generator can’t work
No.234 Charging indicator of generator is always on or not on
No.235 Flashing of charging indicator of generator
No.236 Abnormal sound of generator
No.237 Failure of battery storage
No.238 Weak running of blower
No.239 Blower can’t work
No.240 Abnormal sound of blower
No.241 Continuous running of cooling fan
No.242 Cooling fan can’t work
No.243 Weak running of cooling fan
No.244 Wiper can’t work
No.245 Wipe doesn’t work at intermitting position
No.246 Electric fuel pump can’t work
No.247 Insufficient pressure of electric fuel pump
No.248 Positive pressure of fuel tank too high
No.249 Failure of remote controller
No.250 Door lock is not self-locked after driving 30 feet
No.251 Failure of central control locking while driving
No.252 Flashing CGQ alarm indicator for speedometer
No.253 Window lifter can’t work
No.254 Blocking Door lock
No.255 Failure of door lock
No.256 If four doors of vehicle are not closed, the anti-theft alarm will be activated automatically and central control will be locked automatically
No.257 Reversing radar can’t work while reversing
No.258 Wrong information from the reversing radar
No.259 Sunroof can’t move, including malfunction of automatic closing and anti-nip
No.260 Abnormal sound and vibration of sunroof while operating
No.261 Leaking of sunroof (water on internal decoration of roof)
No.262 Air-conditioner can’t work
No.263 Normal suction pressure and too high exhaust pressure for AC compressor
No.264 Too high suction pressure and exhaust pressure for AC compressor
No.265 Too high suction pressure and normal exhaust pressure for AC compressor
No.266 Too low suction pressure and exhaust pressure for AC compressor
No.267 Air conditioning has abnormal sound
No.268 The air conditioning has no heating supply or the heating air is not warm
No.269 A/C compressor fails to start
No.270 The A/C control mechanism is hard to operate
No.271 The A/C evaporator is frosting
No.272 Constant malfunction and solution of A/C components
No.273 Vehicle temperature sensor is in poor condition (code display 01)
No.274 The vehicle exterior temperature sensor is in poor condition; (code display 02)
No.275 The evaporator temperature sensor is in poor condition. (code display 03)
No.276 The temperature adjustment performer is in poor condition; (code display 04)
No.277 The sun sensor is in poor condition.(code display 05)
No.278 The fan governing module is in poor condition; (code display 06)
No.279 The high speed relay is in poor condition; (code display 07)
No.280 The rear defrosting function is invalid
No.281 The display screen has no display
No.282 The internal and external circulation regulation is invalid
No.283 The wind direction adjustment is abnormal
No.284 The blower is in poor operation
No.285 Vehicle interior air conditioning is in poor condition
No.286 Vehicle interior central heating is in poor condition
No.287 Night light regulation function of the a/c controller is invalid
No.288 The compressor is out of service
No.289 Effect of the air conditioning is in poor condition (check it per the content in the following table)
No.290 Installation and Commissioning of the Air Conditioning
No.291 Line inspection of “EPS” indicating lamp (the “EPS” indicator does not light up when the ignition switch is opened)
No.292 Inspection to “EPS” indicator line (“EPS” indicator does not light up or keep on lighting up when the cross-line connection is made between the diagnoses switch terminal and the ground terminal)
No.293 Main line of DTC11 torque sensor (the main line is broken or short circuit)
No.294 DTC13 torque sensor (there is big difference between the auxiliary line outputs of the main line and the torque sensor)
No.295 DTC14 torque sensor (power supply voltage of the torque sensor is too high or too low)
No.296 Auxiliary line of DTC15 torque sensor (the auxiliary line is disconnected or short circuit)
No.297 DTC22 engine speed signal (no engine signal input)
No.298 Vss line(Vss line is disconnected or short circuit)
No.299 DTC41 motor (the motor voltage is too high or too low)
No.300 DTC51 clutch line (the clutch line is disconnected or short)
No.301 Power circuit of DTC54 control module (low voltage of the battery)
No.302 DTC52 and DTC55 control modules (failure of control module)
No.303 Voltage inspection
No.304 Introduction of mechanical assembly
No.305 Diagnoses to the ABS system failure
No.306 Quick index list of malfunction clearance
No.307 Index of malfunction code free malfunction check list
No.308 Malfunction check list of malfunction code
No.309 The malfunction codes are 00283, 00285, 00290 and 00287 (mechanical malfunction)
No.310 Malfunction codes: 00283, 00285, 00290 and 00287
No.311 Malfunction codes are 00283, 00285, 00290 and 00287 (electric failure)
No.312 Malfunction code: 01044
No.313 Malfunction code: 00668
No.314 Malfunction code: 01130
No.315 Malfunction check list of malfunction free code
No.316 The ABS alarm lamp is normally open after the engine starts
No.317 ABS is in abnormal operation
No.318 The brake pedal stroke is too long
No.319 Large force is required to stamp the pedal
No.320 There is no diagnostic code output
No.321 ABS system inspection
No.322 ECU code
No.323 Fluid filling and air exhaust

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