Car voltage converter (inverter)

Car voltage converter (inverter)

There are situations when the car owner has to spend a large part of his or her life in the car. In this case, the machine should become a place of work and leisure.

For creating the best conditions, drivers cannot do without all kinds of electrical appliances, which can be directly connected to the car via the cigarette lighter socket. For such purposes, there are car kettles, coffee makers, stoves and even air ionizers. What if you need to connect the charger to a laptop, portable DVD player or mobile phone drives – devices that require voltage of 220 V? In this case you cannot do without the help of a device such as a voltage converter.

What is the voltage converter?

The second name of this device is the inverter. Its aim is to convert the DC voltage having a 12/24 in an alternating voltage which is needed to reach 220 V. Such a voltage converter is usually connected to the socket for the cigarette lighter with the help of the plug. A connector on To the converter body can be connected various electrical appliances, having a standard power plug, or connect via USB-port.

The onboard network of the car has a certain allowable power. Connected devices must not exceed 300 watts. To avoid car wire damaging, the more powerful energy consumers are connected directly to the car battery. Additionally, each inverter has its power limit. It is not 300 watts. Therefore, it is necessary to make a correct calculation of the necessary power.

Selection inverter required power

Produced models have different voltage converters capacity between 75 to 300 watts. But you should not rush to compare the characteristics of one inverter model on the other. If this is a laptop (60 watts) and mobile phone (20 W), hence their power while connected for a total of 80 watts.

Factors affecting the supply of power inverter:

– Start-up mode. Its duration is a few milliseconds in the event of the launch of the device with an electric motor. In this case, it significantly exceeds the nominal power;

– Continuous operation mode. It occurs every time while appliances work or electronics is charged. Power consumption is the nominal total capacity of the connected consumers;

– Restart mode. It takes less than 30 seconds. It exceeds the rated capacity of the inverter in half times.

Thus, it is necessary to add a margin of around 25% to the calculated power. Total for the simultaneous use of a laptop and a mobile phone inverter should produce at least 100 watts. Many inverter models have more than one power rating. For example, the nominal power – 150 watts, the maximum – 180 watts, the peak – 360 watts.

The required inverter voltage

Most appliances require voltage of 220 V. The inverter is designed to provide all the equipment with the necessary voltage. However, this applies to the parameters of the output voltage. It is equally important to consider input voltage, which must be 12 (in some cases 24). Not always a car battery can provide an accurate voltage. This may contribute to leakage current and changing loads of the oscillator. Before you buy an inverter, it is necessary to measure the battery voltage with a tester. In the case of deviations from the desired value at 1-2 in the cost to purchase the converter, designed for a wide range of voltage (11-15 V). In this case all electrical equipment work even when the main voltage drops.

Inverter protective systems

The inverter is bought for many years of use. The quality of its work depends not only on the life of the device, but also on what devices are connected to it, what the status of the battery is, and vehicle wiring. For example, in case when the battery charge is low, it is not recommended to use the inverter. To eliminate unpleasant moments associated with the failure of the device, please pay attention to inverter models with a security system.

Comfort and the advantages of using an inverter

Car voltage converter helps bringing to life more convenience. It also allows you filling in the car all the comfort of your own home. We should distinguish a number of useful features:

  • Possibility to use in your car all the equipment requiring a voltage of 220 V;
  • Simplicity of the inverter device and a method of its connection;
  • It does not overload the battery and a car on-board network.