Car Alarms: description, species, function

There are many car alarms on the shelves of specialized shops. The drivers do not usually know what functions should be mandatory. Therefore, they try to buy the security system that best suits them in terms of price. Today we will tell you what types of car alarms exist. We will also give you some tips to help you choose the most suitable option.

What is the car alarm?

Most motorists believe that the main purpose of the electronic security system is to prevent your car from theft. The main function of any car alarm system is its ability to accurately and quickly provide the car owner with information about the status of the vehicle, as well as any actions that may happen to the car.

Types of car alarms

Currently, there are three most common types of car electronic security systems: 1-way alarm, response car alarm system, and satellite car alarm.

1-way alarm systems are the most simple. They use extremely shock sensor, and their functional content is rather meager. It comes down to locking doors and the inclusion of an emergency siren and light indication in the case of tripping. The range of the transmitter supplied with these systems does not exceed 100-200 meters line of sight. 1-way alarm has a number of significant “cons”. They lack informing the owner about the state of his car, as well as the weak shutdown opposition. In other words, if you’re away from your car, you will not know if it is ok.

In this sense, 2-way alarm systems are much more appealing. They are equipped with a plurality of sensors whose status is monitored every second. In case of any problems on the LCD screen, a message appears on the transmitter violation of the protection. Clearly, such systems are considerably more reliable, and the distance that the signal can “reach” may vary from 700-800 meters to several kilometers. Response car alarm systems perform their functions most of all the quality of affordable automotive safety systems.

Satellite car alarm systems are considered to be the most reliable, but they are very expensive. Range of this kind of signaling is not particularly limited and depends solely on connectivity with the satellite. The advantage of using them is the ability to track the exact location of the vehicle in a place where the driver leaves it, informing him or her of the change of coordinates, the ability to remotely turn off the engine in case of car theft. Among the shortcomings highlighted the fact that if the stolen car will be indoors, then it will virtually impossible to track its location.

The minimum set of functions quality car alarm must have

To make motorists life easier, we give you the minimum set of functions of the quality car alarm:

– Engine lock. This function can complicate the process of car theft as much as possible. Lock function of the power unit will be very useful.

– Two-way response. What sense to install the car alarm, unable to inform you about the state of your vehicle? Count on the fact that you can hear the siren.

– Shock sensor, opening doors, hood and lid of the luggage compartment.

– Remote engine start. This function is very useful in winter. It helps to start the car engine on the driver’s commands sent from the transmitter signal. This allows you to pre-heat the power unit before moving.

– Easy self-programming functions. It is important that the programming can be easily understood by the most motorists.


Car alarm is basically a common warning system. It can be a time to restrain criminals who decide to steal your car, but it is not capable to fully protect it from attacks. To improve vehicle safety, we recommend the use of a variety of mechanical blockers that reduce the potential risk of theft of your vehicle to a minimum.