Body LUPO 3L – Self-Study Programme 216

Body LUPO 3L - Self-Study Programme 216 PDF

Body LUPO 3L – Self-Study Programme 216 PDF. Realising a 3-litre car on the basis of the Lupo called, above all, for innovative ideas and a  whole string of new production methods and technologies. The further development and redevelopment of the body were just two of the many milestone achievements.

The body had to satisfy various requirements in order to achieve the defined goals. The key factors were systematic weight reduction and improved aerodynamics on the one hand, and safety, design and customer utility value on the other.

To meet all these requirements, several problem-solving approaches were adopted for implementation purposes:

  • Use of aluminium and magnesium
  • Use of high-strength sheet-metal panels
  • Material thickness optimisation
  • Flushness
  • Adherence to minimum small gap sizes

For implementation purposes, it was necessary to develop and utilise new production and joining methods which will also be reflected in your activities.

The Self-Study Programme is not a Workshop Manual.
Please always refer to the relevant Service Literature for all inspection, adjustment and repair instructions.


Body a lightweight
Lightweight materials
Contact corrosion
Joining methods

Add-on parts

  • The doors
  • The wings
  • The bumpers
  • The bonnet
  • The tailgate

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