BMW Wiring Diagram System (WDS BMW)

Bmw wiring diagram

The BMW Wiring Diagram System (WDS BMW) is typical of the system used by BMW garages.

The Wiring Diagram System includes information on item locations (Actual pictures), wiring connections, pin identification, fault finding, servicing, description of functions and lots more. Of course this includes all the information to follow wiring and wiring connections from component to component.

This BMW WDS DVD is version 12.0 dated 09/2007

BMW WDS covers:

  • BMW E38, 7 series 03/1994 to 09/1998 and from 09/1998
  • BMW E39, 5 series 12/1995 to 09/1998 and from 09/1998
  • BMW E46, 3 series
  • BMW E52, 8 series (Z8)
  • BMW E53 E70, X5 series
  • BMW E60 & E61, 5 series
  • BMW E63 & E64, 6 series
  • BMW E65, E66 & E68, 7 series
  • BMW E83, X3 series
  • BMW E85 & E86, Z4 series
  • BMW E81, E82, E87 & E88, 1 series
  • BMW E90, E91, E92 & E93, 3 series

Bmw wiring diagram scr1

Language: English
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