BMW E30 M3 Models Service and Repair Manual

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BMW E30 M3 Models Service Repair Manual

This manual contains maintenance and repair procedures for the BMW E30 M3 Models. It contains useful information and tips that will help you repair and maintain your vehicle. This manual is divided into several sessions as follows:

Group 11 Engine
Group 12 Engine electrical
Group 13 Fuel system
Group 16 Fuel supply system
Group 17 Cooling system
Group 18 Exhaust system
Group 21 Clutch
Group 23 Manual transmission
Group 24 Automatic transmission
Group 25 Shifter mechanism
Group 26 Drive shaft
Group 27 Intermediate and special transmission
Group 31 Front axle
Group 32 Steering
Group 33 Rear axle
Group 34 Brakes
Group 35 Pedals
Group 36 Wheels and tires
Group 37 Integrated suspension systems
Group 41 Body
Group 51 Body Equipment
Group 52 Seats
Group 54 Special roofs
Group 61 General Electrical System
Group 62 Instruments
Group 63 Lights
Group 64 Heating and Air Conditioning
Group 65 Radio and special equipment
Group 66 Transmit – Receive equipment
Group 67 Electric motors
Group 71 Equipment and accessories for engine and chassis
Group 72 Equipment and accessories for body
Group 84 Communication systems
Group 97 Body Cavity Sealing and Undercoating
Group 99 Paint work

How to use this manual

All repair instructions in this manual assume some form of mechanical ability, and all directions given are based on the drivers’ seat of the car. Left, Right, Front, Back, Forwards, Backwards are all given in relation to sitting in the drivers’ seat.

Installation instructions are not given if installation is the exact reverse of removal. If there is any deviation from exact reverse procedure, these steps are given under the heading of Installation. Information is not repeated between the removal and installation sections of any given procedure.

Any hardware sizes given in tightening torque information are different to hardware sizes given during repair procedures. If a bolt is referred to as 10mm during repair procedures, it requires a 10mm socket or wrench for removal. If a bolt is referred to as 10mm in any reference to torque specifications, this means that the thread of the bolt has a diameter of 10mm. Such a bolt could require a 17mm wrench. Be aware of the difference!

Many torque specifications refer to grade 8.8 or 10.9. This is the hardening specification of a bolt and can be found embossed on the head of the bolt. The higher the number, the stronger the bolt.

Navigation throughout the manual is achieved via the navigation bars on the top and bottom of each page, or by hyperlinks within text. The layout is identical to many web sites you may find on the Internet. Using the navigation bars will allow you to change pages on the same level. E.g. If you are viewing the Group 23, Manual Transmission Index, and press the Next button, you will go to the Group 24 Automatic Transmission page, as all indexes are on the same level of the navigation structure. You may also select Index, which will take you back to the main group index page and Up, which will take you to the parent level, e.g. If you are viewing a particular repair procedure, Up will take you to the index for that group.

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