Automotive Electricity and Electronics, 5th Edition PDF

Automotive Electricity and Electronics, 5th Edition PDF Free Download scr1

Automotive Electricity and Electronics, 5th Edition PDF Free Download

Like the Classroom Manual, the Shop Manual has a new layout with color photographs and illustrations. The Shop Manual was updated to match current trends. Service information related to the new topics covered in the Classroom Manual is included in this manual. In addition, several new photo sequences were added. Thepurpose of these detailed photos is to show students what to expect when they perform the same procedure. They also help familiarize students with a system or type of equipment they may not be able to encounter at their school. Although the main purpose of the textbook is not to prepare someone to successfully pass an ASE exam, all the information required to do so is included in the textbook. To stress the importance of safe work habits,

Chapter 1 is dedicated to safety, and has been updated to include general HEV safety. As with the Classroom Manual, HEV system diagnosis is included within the main text. Th is provides the student with knowledge of safe system diagnosing procedures so they know what to expect as they further their training in this area. Included in this chapter are common shop hazards, safe shop practices, safety equipment, and the legislation concerning and the safe handling of hazardous materials and wastes.

Chapter 2 covers special tools and procedures. Th is chapter now includes the use of isolation meters and expanded coverage of scan tools. In addition, a section on what it entails to be an electrical systems technician has been added. Th is section covers relationships, completing the work order and ASE certifi cation. Another section was added to emphasize the importance of proper diagnostic procedures.

Chapter 3 leads the student through basic troubleshooting and service. Th is includes the use of various test equipment to locate circuit defects and how to test electrical and electronic components.

Chapter 4 provides experience with wiring repairs along with extended coverage and exercises on using the wiring diagrams.

The remainder of the chapters has been thoroughly updated. Redundancy between the Classroom Manual and the Shop Manual has been reduced; the only time theory is discussed again is if it is necessary to explain the diagnostic results or as an explanation of the symptom.

The Shop Manual is cross-referenced to the Classroom Manual by the use of marginal notes. This provides the benefi t to the student of being able to quickly reference the theory of the component or system that they are now working with. Currently accepted service procedures are used as examples throughout the text. These procedures also served as the basis for new job sheets that are included in the Shop Manual chapters.

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