ATSG Toyota / Lexus A761E Transmission Technical Service Information

ATSG Toyota Lexus A761E Transmission Technical Service Information PDF

ATSG Toyota / Lexus A761E Transmission Technical Service Information. The A761E transmission is Toyota’s first automatic six speed transmission. It is said that it is the lightest six speed automatic transmission in the world weighing in at 85 Kg wet. This transmission is currently found in the 2004 and later Toyota/Lexus models worldwide. It is an enhanced A750E used in various Toyota models. Many of the parts used in the A750E are the same in the A761E. The most significant deviation is with the addition of a C4 clutch and F4 sprag inside the C1 clutch drum assembly (See Figures 1 and 2). This addition confines clutch to clutch shifting without any sprag assist between 5th and 6th speeds only.

The computer strategy which operates the transmission is called the ECT-i: Electronically Controlled Transmission with intelligence. The ECT-i uses additional electronic controls to adjust hydraulic pressure gradually for even smoother shifts. The ECT-i computer also has a limited ability to adjust for wear in the transmission and even to learn and respond to a person’s driving behavior (based on the resulting engine input conditions).

One strategy of the ECT-i is to partially disengage the C1 (Forward) Clutch during stops to increase fuel efficiency. Another strategy with which fuel efficiency is increased is that fuel cut is maintained during 6th-5th/5th-4th decelerations.


  • Gear Ratio
  • Introduction
  • Application Chart
  • Solenoid Principles Of Operation
  • Solenoid Malfunction Charts
  • Diagnostic Trouble Code Descriptions
  • Driving Pattern Select Switch
  • Fail-Safe Strategies
  • Electrical Information
  • Transmission Fluid Check
  • Pressure Specifications
  • Internal Components Overview
  • Bearing Identification and Specifications
  • Solenoid Identification
  • Valve Body Removal
  • Valve Body Disassembly
  • Valve Body Checkball Locations
  • Valve Body Retainer Locations
  • Valve Body Valve & Spring Identification
  • Accumulator Identification
  • Front Pump Information
  • C2 & C3 Clutch Pack
  • C4 & C1 Clutch Pack
  • B1 & B3 Clutch Pack
  • B2 & B4 Clutch Pack
  • B2 Anti-Rattle Spring Location
  • “C” Clutch Selective Plate Identification
  • “B” Clutch Selective Plate Identification
  • Rear Output Shaft Bearing Installation
  • Air Check Passages
  • Torque Specifications
  • Technical Service Information
  • Solenoid Hydraulic theory of operation
  • Valve Body Mapping

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