ATSG Chrysler A606 42LE Transmission Rebuild Manual PDF

Chrysler A606 (42LE) Transaxle found in LHS, Concord, and Intrepid. Covers assembly, dis-assembly, diagnosis, troubleshooting, and electronic controls and operation.


The 42LE four speed transaxle has many similarities to the A-604 Both these units are fully computer controlled. The 42LE is mounted in the same fashion as the rear drive transmissions. That is NORTH-SOUTH(longitudinally, whereas the A-604 is transverse mounted. Since the front axle of the vehicle passes through the bell housing the pump support shaft and the turbine shaft are longer. This unit is unique it that it has two sumps. One for the transmission fluid and the other for the differential fluid. The transmission valve body, PRNDL AND NEUTRAL SAFETY SWITCHES, are mounted inside the transmission case There is a chain drive from the out-put shaft to the pinion shaft in a similar manner as we have seen on other units. We thank Chrysler Corporation for the information and illustrations that have made this booklet possible.

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  • Identification-Operation
  • Basic Checks
  • Stub Shaft Seal Replacement
  • Valve Body Removal
  • Trans-Axle Removal
  • Trans-Axle Teardown
  • Bearing Pre-load
  • Clutch Clearance
  • Drum Assembly
  • Input Shaft End Play
  • Transfer Chain
  • Rear Housing Teardown
  • Differential Checks
  • On Board Diagnosis
  • Hydraulic Flow Chart
  • Specifications

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