Alfa Romeo Engine V6 2959 Repair Instructions PDF

Alfa Romeo Engine V6 2959 Repair Instructions PDF

Alfa Romeo Engine V6 2959 Repair Instructions PDF.


The engine is of the type with six 60° V mounted cylinders in light alloy with a total cylinder displacement of 2959 crrr with injection and static ignition controlled by a single MOTRONIC M 3.7.1 control unit.

The “V” arrangement and the 60° angle make the engine extremely compact and well balanced from the dynamic point of view.

With a piston stroke of 72.6 mm and a bore of 93 mm, the engine is of the super square type (stroke and bore ratio below 1), which enables a better arrangement of the valves and optimal filling of the cylinders (high volumetric ratio).

The gearbox-clutch-differential unit is connected at the rear of the engine and is an integral part of the power unit.
The power unit is installed in the front of the vehicle arranged transversally with a 14° inclination forwards.

It is fastened to the body by two “suspension” type flexible damping mounts and by a third to the suspension crossmember.

To reduce vibrations, a rod above the engine connected to the body prevents excessive shaking.

The fuel supply system, with unleaded petrol, combined with adequate anti-pollution systems described in the specific paragraphs, feature low exhaust emission levels meeting “EEC STAGE 2” regulations.



  • Description
  • Lubrication system


  • Introduction
  • Engine disassembly
  • Cylinder head disassembly
  • Checking and inspecting cylinder heads
  • Checking and lnspecting the crankcase
  • Cautions during reassembly
  • Checking electric components of the lubrication circuit

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