Alfa Romeo Engine Twinspark 16v 1970 Repair Instructions

Alfa Romeo Engine Twinspark 16v 1970 Repair Instructions PDF

Alfa Romeo Engine Twinspark 16v 1970 Repair Instructions PDF (ENGINE OVERHAUL).


Four cylinder in line engine with double camshaft in head, four valves per cylinder, phase variator, static injection and twin ignition controlled by a single ECU.

The rear engine is connected to the clutch-gearbox-differential unit which constitutes a sole assembly. The engine is installed frontally and transverse at a 18°30 slant. The engine is “suspended” by means of two damper mounts to the underbody and one scissors mount to the suspension crossmember. To contain vibrations, the engine top is connected to the underbody by means of a shock-proof connecting rod.

All belts are fitted with automatic take-up devices to ensure long belt working life.

The fuel feed system (unleaded petrol) is fitted with suitable pollution prevention devices which ensure low exhaust emissions as per “EEC PHASE 2” standards.


The instructions given in the following paragraphs refer to the complete overhaul of the engine on the bench, after removing the power unit from the engine. The instructions are subdivided as follows:

– Disassembly of the engine:
removal of the engine accessories and components and disassembly into its main component parts.

– Disassembly and checks of the crankcase:
complete overhauling of the crank mechanisms.

– Cautions for re-assembly:
these include specific re-assembly operations where they differ substantially from the instructions for disassembly.

– Checks and inspections of electrical components of the lubrication circuit.

For re-assembly, the sequence for all the dis-as-sembly instructions described hereafter, should be reversed unless otherwise specified.

The following procedures refer to complete overhauling of the whole engine; it is however possible to use individual parts of these instructions when dealing with specific components.



  • Description
  • Lubrication system


  • Introduction
  • Engine disassembly
  • Cylinder head disassembly
  • Checking and inspecting cylinder heads
  • Checking and lnspecting the crankcase
  • Cautions during reassembly
  • Checking electric components of the lubrication circuit

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