6HPxx Automatic-Transmission Functional Descriptions

6HPxx Automatic-Transmission Functional Descriptions PDF

6HPxx Automatic-Transmission Functional Descriptions

  • 6HP19 automatic transmission Functional Descriptions
  • 6HP26 automatic transmission Functional Descriptions
  • 6HP32 automatic transmission Functional Descriptions


Introduction / note
Coloured sectioned diagram – 6HP19
Key to coloured sectioned diagram – 6HP19
Brief description – general
Lepelletier planetary gear set
— single-web planetary gear train
— double planetary gear train
Description of individual components
— Hydrodynamic torque converter (operating principle )
— 6HP26 torque converter (sectioned diagram) without / with torsional vibration damper
— Converter lock-up clutch (2 GWK + torsional vibration damper)
* Hydraulic flow in converter (lock-up clutch (WK) open)
* Hydraulic flow in converter (WK closed)
— Oil pump
— Shift elements
* Clutches / brakes / sectioned drawings
* Clutch – sectioned drawings
* Action of shift elements
— Shift overlap control
— Parking lock
* mechanical version
* electrical version
Transmission control area
— Control elements and overview of shift system – E and M shift
— Description of gears / power flow, 1st to 6th gear + Reverse
— Hydraulic circuit diagram ( DIN ) (valve geometry, M / E shift)
— Hydraulic and electronic (Mechatronik) control units
* General ( ESD protection)
* Sectioned diagrams of individual components (M and E shift)
* Brief description of valves
* Description of solenoid valves, pressure regulator
* Position of pressure unions
* Threaded connections on components
* Electronic module (electronic control unit)
* Mechatronik block circuit diagrams
— Technical data – 6HP19, 6HP26, 6HP32

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