5HP19 FL/A Transmission Repair Manual

5HP19 FL A Transmission Repair Manual PDF

5HP19 FL/A Transmission Repair Manual. This manual covers the procedure for repairing the complete transmission. The repairing of this transmission is only allowed to persons with specific training from ZF
Getriebe GmbH.

The entire disassembly and assembly procedure is described in chronological order.

The photographs were kept general in nature so that they can be used with various applications; they are not binding in every case.

We use Service Bulletins and training courses to announce important information and application-specific changes that must be taken into consideration in maintenance work.

If this repair manual is given to a third party, there will be no modification service.

The Service Bulletins regulations and specifications must be followed when making repairs.

Depending on the type of damage that has occured, the repair work can be limited to that which is necessary to repair the damage.

In this case you must observe the following:

  • Seals (such as O-rings, shaft seals, gaskets, and filters) should always renewed.
  • All O-rings, rectangular-section rings, and other sealing rings must always be lubricated with petroleum jelly before installation.
  • All bearings must always be oiled lightly when installed.
  • For transmissions that have covered a large number of kilometers (> 80,000 km), all lined clutch discs and steel clutch discs should be replaced.
  • After clutches/ brakes have been damaged, the converter, oil tubes, and oil cooler, must be cleaned thoroughly with a suitable cleaning agent.
  • If brakes C or D has been damaged, or if a considerable distance has been covered (> 80,000 km), pistons C and D must be replaced.

The following requirements should be met before the repair work is started:

  • The required special tools should be available.
    (The complete set of special tools is listed in Chapter 1.7)
  • A suitable transmission testing rig should be available.
    The required testing values can be found in the Service Bulletins…


Preliminary information
1. General
1.1 Illustration of transmission
1.2 Power flow diagram
1.3 Specifications
1.3.1 Screw specifications Differential cover Intermediate plate-pump-cylinder C Yield limit tightening, differential
1.4 Adjusting work
1.4.0 Measuring the disc sets (procedure)
1.4.1 Clearances (snap ring) Clearance, clutch F (snap ring) Clearance, brake D (snap ring) Clearance, brake G (snap ring) Clearance, clutch E (snap ring) Clearance, clutch A (snap ring) Clearance, clutch B (snap ring) Clearance, brake C (snap ring)
1.4.2 Preload, differential
1.4.3 Bevel gear drive Position of pinion Backlash / crown wheel position
1.4.4 Switch detent spring
1.4.5 Endplay, output (washer) Installation space, output Pinion projection
1.4.6 Output gear bearing adjustment Preparation for bearing adjustment (shim washers) Projection, pinion bearing Projection, helical/intermediate gear bearing Installation space, pinion Installation space, intermediate gear Installation space, helical gear Determining shim thickness, pinion, helical and intermediate gears
1.4.7 Play at input (washer)
1.5 Tightening torques
1.6 Checking transmission (on test rig/in vehicle)
1.7 Special tools
1.8 Oil flow chart (Position N according to DIN)
2.1 Removing converter, front axle output, valve body and position switch
2.1.1 Removing converter
2.1.2 Removing front axle output
2.1.3 Removing valve body
2.1.4 Removing position switch
2.2 Removing flange shaft, front-axle differential and parking lock
2.2.1 Removing flange shaft
2.2.2 Removing differential
2.2.3 Removing parking lock
2.3 Removing oil supply
2.4 Removing input with tower
2.4.1 Removing input
2.4.2 Dismantling tower
2.5 Removing pinion shaft
2.6 Removing bearing shells, bearings etc.
2.6.1 Transmission housing
2.6.2 Bearing race
2.6.3 Front axle housing
2.6.4 Differential cover
2.6.5 Pinion shaft
2.6.6 Intermediate and helical gears and pinion Intermediate gear Helical gear Pinion
2.6.7 Differential (visual check)
2.6.8 Flange shaft
2.7 Tower
2.7.1 Planetary gears
2.7.2 Clutch F
2.7.3 Brake D/G with 1st gear freewheel
2.8 Input
2.8.1 Clutch E
2.8.2 Clutch A
2.8.3 Clutch B
2.9 Oil supply with brake C
2.9.1 Brake C
2.9.2 Pump
3. Installation
3.1 Installing pinion shaft and differential
3.1.1 Differential
3.1.2 Pinion shaft
3.1.3 Installing pinion shaft in transmission housing
3.1.4 Installing differential in transmission housing
3.1.5 Installing pinion-shaft sealing ring, parking lock gear and bearing race
3.2 Installing shift and parking lock mechanism
3.3 Adding parts to tower and installing
3.3.1 Planetary gear set III
3.3.2 Clutch F
3.3.3 Brake DG with 1st gear freewheel
3.3.4 Installing tower
3.4 Adding parts to front-axle output and installing
3.5 Installing planetary gear sets I and II
3.6 Input and installing
3.6.1 Clutch E
3.6.2 Clutch A
3.6.3 Clutch B
3.6.4 Installing input
3.7 Brake C oil supply and installing
3.7.1 Oil supply
3.7.2 Checking drag torque of pump (oiled)
3.7.3 Brake C
3.7.4 Installing oil supply and brake C
3.8 Flange shaft and installing
3.9 Installing valve body, oil filter and oil pan, position switch and converter
3.9.1 Installing valve body, oil filter and oil pan
3.9.2 Installing position switch and converter Installing and checking position switch Installing converter
3.9.3 Installing breather cover and protective transit caps

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