4-Cyl. Injection Engine (2 valve Roller Rocker Finger) Workshop Manual

4-Cyl. Injection Engine (2 valve Roller Rocker Finger) Workshop Manual PDF

Volkswagen 4-Cyl. Injection Engine (2 valve Roller Rocker Finger) Workshop Manual. The 4-Cyl. Injection Engine is installed in the Volkswagen Fox 2004 ➤

  • Engine ID: BLH


Technical data

  • Technical data
  • Engine number
  • Engine features

Removing and installing engine

  • Removing and installing engine
  • Removal – indications
  • Fastening the engine to the assembly stand
  • Notes on installation
  • Tightening torque
  • Engine group mounting
  • Additional indications and installation jobs in vehicles with air conditioning

Crankshaft group

  • Dismantling and assembling – engine
  • Removing and installing Poly-V belt
  • Removing and installing crankshaft flanges (flywheel side)
  • Renewing crankshaft seal (pulley side)
  • Renewing crankshaft flange (flywheel side)
  • Removing and installing crankshaft
  • Identification of engine bearing shells
  • Colour codes
  • Crankshaft dimensions
  • Removing and installing pistons and conrods
  • Piston and cylinder dimensions

Cylinder head, Valve gear

  • Assembling and dismantling head
  • Checking semi-automatic tension pulley of toothed belt
  • Removing, installing and adjusting toothed belt
  • Removing and installing head
  • Checking compression
  • Servicing camshaft
  • Check axial gap – valve camshaft
  • Reworking valve seats
  • Renewing camshaft seal
  • Removing and installing camshaft head cover
  • Checking valve guides
  • Renewing valve stem seal


  • Removing and installing parts of the lubrication system
  • Removing and installing oil sump
  • Removing and installing oil pump
  • Checking oil pressure and oil pressure switch

Cooling system

  • Removing and installing parts of cooling system
  • Cooling system components, body side
  • Cooling system components on engine side
  • Coolant hoses connections diagram
  • Draining and filling coolant
  • Removing and installing the radiator
  • Removing and installing coolant pump

Fuel supply system

  • Removing and installing fuel supply system components
  • Remove and install fuel tank with accessory parts and fuel filter – removing and installing
  • Safety precautions for jobs on fuel supply system
  • Rules for cleanliness
  • Connecting and disconnecting “Pop Top” quick coupling
  • Removing and installing parts of the lubrication system
  • Removing and installing fuel pump
  • Removing and installing fuel level sensor
  • Removing and installing fuel tank
  • Checking fuel delivery unit
  • Engine output electronic regulation (electronic throttle). check
  • Electronic throttle system operation (E-gas)
  • Activated charcoal system
  • Operation
  • Activated charcoal filter system components – repair
  • Fuel container ventilation – checking

Mixture preparation, Injection

  • Servicing injection system
  • General indications related to injection
  • Component location
  • Removing and installing parts of the injection system
  • Intake manifold – remove and install
  • Fuel distributor with injectors – remove and install
  • Dismantling and assembling air filter set
  • Safety precautions
  • Rules for cleanliness
  • Technical data
  • Component checking
  • Checking injection valves
  • Fuel pressure regulator and retaining pressure – check
  • Código READINESS
  • Read and generate READINESS code
  • Engine control unit
  • Removing and installing engine control unit
  • Adjust components
  • Again interrogate the control unit fault memory.

Exhaust system

  • Removal and installing of exhaust system parts
  • Exhaust collector, front pipe with catalyst and installation parts
  • Silencer with brackets

Ignition system

  • Injection system – repair
  • General indications on the ignition system
  • Removing and installing injection system components
  • Safety precautions
  • Test data, spark plugs

Edition 03.2006 (BRA5R007420)

Language: English
Format: Online PDF
Pages: 139
Size: 4.13 Mb

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