3,3L V8 TDI Common Rail Injection System – Self-Study Programme 227

3,3L V8 TDI Common Rail Injection System.Construction Features and Functions – Self-Study Programme 227 PDF. The Self-Study Programme informs you about designs and functions.

With its TDI engines, Audi AG has been a leader in diesel development since 1989. Its latest technological innovation, the unique V8 TDI bears testimony to this fact.

Common Rail
A new injection system for the V8 engine

Given that it can be integrated in existing engine concepts relatively easily, the common rail system is a new alternative injection system for modern diesel engines.

As with any injection system, the common rail serves the following tasks:

  • Supplying the diesel engine with fuel
  • Generating a high pressure for the injection cycle and distributing fuel to the cylinders
  • Injecting a precisely calculated quantity of fuel into the cylinders at the right point in time.

The Self-Study Programme is not a Workshop Manual.
Please refer to the relevant Technical Literature for all maintenance and repair instructions.



  • Common Rail System

Components of the common rail

  • Overview of the fuel feed process
  • Low-pressure fuel feed
  • Roller cell pump
  • Gear type pump
  • High-pressure fuel feed
  • High-pressure pump
  • Valve for fuel dosing N290
  • Fuel rail with high-pressure control circuit
  • Regulating valve for fuel pressure N276
  • Fuel pressure sender G247
  • High-pressure circuit
  • Valve-controlled injection unit (injector)
  • Function of injector

Engine management

  • Mixture formation
  • Commencement of fuel injection
  • End of fuel injection
  • Pre-injection cycle
  • Vacuum control
  • Double flow throttle valve
  • System overview
  • Function diagram
  • Actuators and sensors
  • Hall sender G40
  • Engine speed sender G28
  • Engine control unit J248/J494
  • Fuel temperature sender G81
  • Intake manifold pressure sender G71
  • Fuel bypass valve N312
  • Valve for fuel dosing N290

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3,3L V8 TDI Common Rail Injection System – Self-Study Programme 227 Online PDF