2010 Volvo XC60 Wiring Diagram Supplement (TP 39162202)

2010 Volvo XC60 Wiring Diagram Supplement (TP 39162202) PDF

2010 Volvo XC60 Electrical Wiring Diagram Supplement (TP 39162202 LATE DESIGN) PDF. These manuals are used in the inspection and repair of electrical circuits. The separate wiring manual for each model contains circuit diagrams of each electrical system, wiring route diagrams and diagrams showing the location of relays, etc.


  • Vehicles with SRS (Airbag)/SIPS bag/IC (Inflatable Curtain)
  • Explanations
  • Abbreviations
  • How to use the wiring diagrams
  • Electrical distribution


  • Distribution box in engine compartment
  • Central Electronic Module (CEM)
  • Distribution box in passenger compartment
  • Distribution box in cargo compartment FA1-FA11
  • Battery PF1-PF2


  • Relays in the engine compartment
  • Relays in passenger compartment R1 – R4
  • Cargo compartment RA1 – RA2.

Ground connections

  • Overview
  • 31/2 – 31/XX10

Control modules

  • Central Electronic Module (CEM)
  • Data communication high speed CAN
  • Data communication intermediate speed CAN, LHD
  • Data communication intermediate speed CAN, RHD
  • Data communication Local CAN
  • Data communication, LIN
  • Data communication MOST
  • Steering Wheel Module (SWM)

Fuel system

  • Engine management system, 4-Cyl. Turbo
  • Engine management system 6-Cyl.
  • Engine management system 6-Cyl. B6324S2
  • Engine management system, 6-Cyl. Turbo
  • Engine management system, 5-Cyl. Diesel
  • Emission control 4-Cyl. Turbo

Cooling system

  • Cooling fan 4-Cyl. Turbo

Engine controls

  • Cruise control 4-Cyl. Turbo
  • Cruise control

Alternator and voltage regulator

  • Power supply 4-Cyl.

Starting system

  • Starting system 4-Cyl.
  • Starting system


  • High and low beam
  • High and low beam (Dual Xenon)
  • Beam length adjustment, manual
  • Running/Parking light, Tail lights
  • Running/Parking light, Tail lights (Dual Xenon)
  • Fog lights
  • Brake lights
  • Reversing lights
  • Follow-me-home lighting LHD
  • Follow-me-home lighting RHD
  • Interior lighting, LHD
  • Interior lighting, RHD
  • Active headlight
  • Lighting in door sill trims
  • Auxiliary lights

Additional electrical equipment

  • Rain sensor
  • Direction indicator and hazard warning flashers LHD
  • Direction indicator and hazard warning flashers RHD
  • Wiper/Washer windshield
  • Washer headlights
  • Wiper/Washer rear window
  • Horn
  • Keyless vehicle
  • Anti-theft alarm
  • Parking assistance
  • Collision warning with power brake booster
  • Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)
  • Alcohol lock

Wiring and fuses

  • Diagnostics system
  • Outlet 12 V
  • Cable harness towbar/tow hitch 4-pin
  • Cable harness towbar/tow hitch 7-pin
  • Cable harness towbar/tow hitch 13-pin
  • USB unit (AUU)


  • Seat belt reminder
  • Driver information module


  • Audio Premium
  • Audio
  • Cellular phone
  • DAB Radio
  • Telephone system Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Handsfree
  • Multimedia & Traffic information
  • Satellite radio
  • Parking camera
  • Traffic information, China
  • Traffic information, Japan


  • Transmission M66
  • Automatic transmission TF-80SC
  • Automatic transmission MPS6
  • Differential electronic module (DEM)

Parking brake

  • Electric parking brake

Brake system

  • Brake control system & DSTC


  • Speed dependent power steering

Shock absorbers

  • Four-C

Doors and openings

  • Central locking front doors LHD
  • Central locking front doors RHD
  • Central locking rear doors
  • Central locking tailgate
  • Central locking fuel filler flap
  • Signal receiver central locking
  • Power windows front doors LHD
  • Power windows front doors RHD
  • Power windows rear doors
  • Power sunroof

Exterior decorative elements, etc.

  • Power door mirrors LHD
  • Power door mirrors RHD
  • Heated door mirrors LHD
  • Heated door mirrors RHD
  • Blind spot information system LHD
  • Blind spot information system RHD
  • Heated rear window

Interior equipment

  • Power driver’s seat with memory function, LHD
  • Power driver’s seat with memory function, RHD
  • Power passenger seat, LHD
  • Power passenger seat, RHD
  • Heated front seats
  • Heated rear seat

Climate control system

  • Climate control system PTC-elements
  • Climate control system, 4-Cyl.
  • Climate control system 5-Cyl. & 6-Cyl.
  • Parking heater, auxiliary heater
  • Parking heater, remote start

Internal equipment

  • Rear-view mirror with automatic dimming
  • Remote control opener garage door

Branching points

Cable harness routing in vehicle

  • Harness engine 4-Cyl. Turbo
  • Cable harnessrouting in the car

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