2008-2012 Honda Accord Body Repair Manual

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2008-2012 Honda Accord Body Repair Manual. This manual covers the repairs of a 2008-2012 model-series Accord that has been involved in an accident, and it describes the work related to the replacement of damaged body parts. Please read through these instructions and familiarize yourself with them before actually using this manual.

NOTE: Refer to the appropriate Accord Service Manual, for specifications, wire harness locations, safety stand support points, etc.

The repair information contained in this manual is intended for use by qualified, professional technicians. Attempting repairs without the proper training, tools, and equipment could cause injury to you or others. It could also damage the vehicle or create an unsafe condition.

This manual describes the proper methods and procedures for doing repairs. Some procedures require the use of specially designed tools and dedicated equipment Any person who intends to use a replacement part repair procedure or a tool that is not recommended by Honda, must determine the risks to their personal safety and the safe operation of the vehicle.

If you need to replace a part use Honda parts with the correct part number, or an equivalent part. We strongly recommend that you do not use replacement parts of inferior quality.


  1. General Information
  2. Paint Information
  3. Replacement
  4. Body Dimensional Drawings
  5. Rust Prevention
  6. General Safety Precautions
  7. Reference

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Pages: 135
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