2006 Toyota Camry Service & Repair Manual

2006 Toyota Camry Service & Repair Manual PDF

2006 Toyota Camry Service & Repair Manual. This is a complete Service Manual contains all necessary instructions needed for any repair your vehicle may require. It is the very same manual Dealer Technicians use to diagnose and repair your vehicle with. Whether it’s routine maintenance such as tune ups and brake service or more extensive repair involving engine and transmission disassembly, the factory manual provides the most reliable information.


This manual is written in accordance with SAE J2008.

Repair operations can be separated into 3 main processes:

  1. Diagnosis
  2. Removing/Installing, Replacing, Disassembling/Reassembling, Checking and Adjusting
  3. Final Inspection

This manual explains the ”Diagnosis” (found in the ”Diagnostics” section) and ”Removing and Installing, Replacing, Disassembling, Installing and Checking, and Adjusting”. ”Final Inspection” is omitted.

The following essential operations are not written in this manual. However, these operations must be performed in actual situations.

  • Operations with a jack or lift
  • Cleaning of a removed part when necessary
  • Visual check

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