2006-07 Mitsubishi Outlander Service Repair Manual

06 Outlander

This Workshop manual contains procedures for service mechanics, including removal, disassembly, inspection, adjustment, reassembly and installation. Use the following manuals in combination with this manual as required.

Engine Model:

  • 4G63-DOHC-Non-Turbo (1,997 mL)
  • 4G63-DOHC-Turbo (1,997 mL)
  • 4G69-SOHC MIVEC (2,378 mL)

Transmission Model:

  • F5M42 (2WD, 5M/T)
  • W5M42 (4WD, 5M/T)
  • W5M51 (4WD, 5M/T)
  • W4A4B (4WD, 4A/T with sport mode)


Body Repair Manual

Pre-delivery Inspection and Periodic Maintenance

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