2006 Dodge / Mercedes Sprinter Transmission Manual PDF

2006 Dodge Mercedes Sprinter Transmission Manual PDF

The procedures contained In this manual Include all of the specifications. Instructions, and graphics needed to diagnose NAGl Electronic Automatic Transmission and Shift Lever Assembly problems. The diagnostics In this manual are based on the failure condition or symptom being present at the time of diagnosis.

When repairs are required, refer to the appropriate volume of the service Information for the proper removal and repair procedure. READ THIS MANUAL BEFORE TRYING TO DIAGNOSE A VEHICLE TROUBLE CODE.

Diagnostic procedures change every year. New diagnostic systems may be added and/or carryover systems may be enhanced. It Is recommended that you review the entire manual to become familiar with all new and changed diagnostic procedures.

This diagnostic procedures manual covers all Sprinter (VA) equipped with a NAGl Automatic Transmission.

Diagnosis of the NAGl electronic transmission Is done In six basic steps:

  1. Verification of complaint
  2. Verification of any related symptoms
  3. Symptom analysis
  4. Problem isolation
  5. Repair of Isolated problem
  6. Verification of proper operation

2006 Dodge / Mercedes Benz Sprinter Transmission Manual – View Online PDF