2006 Dodge / Mercedes Sprinter Powertrain Manual PDF

2006 Dodge Mercedes Sprinter Powertrain Manual PDF

The procedures contained in this manual include all specifications, instructions and graphics needed to diagnose engine control module (ECM) and sentry key remote entry module (SKREEM) problems: they are no start, diagnostic trouble code (DTC) and no trouble code problems for the ECM. The diagnostics in this manual are based on the trouble condition or symptom being present at the time of diagnosis.

When repairs are required, refer to the appropriate service information for the proper removal and repair procedure.
Diagnostic procedures change every year. New diagnostic systems may be added: carryover systems may be enhanced. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU REVIEW THE ENTIRE MANUAL TO BECOME FAMILIAR WITH ALL NEW AND CHANGED DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURES.

This manual will cover all the necessary requirements to begin a logical diagnostic path for each problem. If there is a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) detected, go to the trouble code test. If there are no DTCs present, go to a no trouble code (*), symptom based test.

This book reflects many suggested changes from readers of past issues. After using this book, if you have any comments or recommendations, please fill out the form at the back of the book and mail it back
to us.

2006 Dodge / Mercedes Benz Sprinter Powertrain Manual – View Online PDF