2006 Dodge / Mercedes Sprinter Chassis Manual PDF

The procedures contained In this manual Include all the specifications, instructions, and graphics needed to diagnose the Sprinter Chassis system problems: Bosch 5.7 ABS/ESP/TCS (ASR) Braking System. The diagnostics In this manual are based on the failure condition or symptom being present at time of diagnosis.
Please follow the recommendations below when choosing your diagnostic path.

  1. First make sure the DRB1II* Is communicating with the vehicle system being diagnosed. If the DRBIII® displays a “No Response” condition, you must diagnose that first.
  2. Read DTC’s (diagnostic trouble codes) with the DRBIII®.
  3. If no DTC’s are present. Identify the customer complaint.
  4. Once the DTC or customer complaint Is Identified locate the matching test In the Table of Contents and begin to diagnose the system.

All component location views are In Section 8.0. All connector pinouts are In Section 9.0. All schematics are In Section 10.0.
When repairs are required, refer to the appropriate service manual for the proper removal and repair procedure.
Diagnostic procedures change every year. New diagnostic systems may be added: carryover systems maybe enhanced. READ THIS MANUAL BEFORE TRYING TO DIAGNOSE A VEHICLE DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE CODE. It Is recommended that you review the entire manual to become familiar with all new and changed diagnostic procedures.
This manual reflects many suggested changes from readers of past issues. After using this manual. If you have any comments or recommendations, please fill out the form at the back of the manual and mall It back.

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